Thursday, August 14, 2008

I LOVE Chick-fil-a!!!

I was so excited to go to the Original Dwarf House while we were in Georgia. We used to go there often growing up, and I was excited for Tim to try it out. It is very different than a regular Chick-fil-a. You are seated and served by a waitress, and order from a menu. They have additional entries to select as well. Tim and I tried the Hot Brown, and it was delicious!!

Tim took Titus through the Dwarf Door.

When we were growing up, the kids would always sit at the counter seats.

Every Chick-fil-a should bring a pitcher of sweet tea to your table!!!

We also discovered a new type of "Chick-fil-a" one day when we stopped for lunch. It is called "Truett's Grill," and it is such a neat restaurant. It was decorated in old fashioned decor. We talked to the manager and he said that Truett Cathy had always wanted to open these restaurants, and they would only be in that area of Georgia. He gave us free dessert when he found out we were visiting the area. Tim got the Hot Brown again, and I ordered the BIG T Burger. (Don't tell the cows!!!)

This was the typical decor. There was also an old-fashioned car at the other entrance.

We ate at tables inside this old train car.

There was a train track that went around the top of the restaurant.

Grandpa, Grandma, and Titus

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