Tuesday, October 28, 2008

State Fair

We went to the NC State Fair last week with our Sunday School class. We had a blast!! I made myself sick with all the fried foods, but it was YUMMY!!

We traditionally ride the Ferris Wheel during the fireworks every year. FUN!!

Our view from the top

Those apples made my mouth water!

This was the first year we went to look at the award winning produce.

It was fun to watch all of Titus's different expressions throughout the night. :)

He was snug as bug!! It was extremely chilly that night!

Tim eating his deep-fried Twinkie

This is the deep-fried pecan pie - delicious!!! We also had a deep-fried Milky Way, roasted corn, ribbon fries, corn dogs, french fries, and the roasted nuts.

I'm a sucker for Christmas trees even in the fall!!

The "ZONKEY" at one of the freak side shows. - Hilarious - most of what they advertised was in formaldehyde!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family Time

It was so good to have my parents and Keri in town last week. Titus loved all the extra attention!!

Around-we go

I've been putting Titus in his "Around-we-go" even though his feet don't quite reach the floor yet. He loves all the new toys!!

He has to analyze a toy before he can play with it!!

His first "piano"

He finally figured out how to pull the lifesaver to make the boats motor go.

I've started calling this his "Learning Look!" :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Titus is 6 months old!!!

His pictures turned out soo cute!!! I've been really pleased with Portrait Innovations - I always end up buying more pictures than I intend!! I can't believe how fast Titus is growing - he really is such a ham!! I posted the pictures I ordered and some others I liked but couldn't afford!! :) Good thing they give you the disk free!!

He looks pretty mischievous in this one!

I ordered this one for my "package deal," so I have lots!!

So Precious! (ordered this one, too)

This outfit was a last minute decision on the way out the door when I saw that Tim was wearing his Ohio State shirt - love it!!

I got these two in the wicker chair in a double exposure 10 x 13.

One of my favorites - of course, I ordered this one!!

Another favorite I ordered.

He kept trying to eat the remote and the football!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Baby Food

I've been busy making baby food today. My supply ran out, and I hate having to buy it at the store!! For about $5.00 I can make about $20.00 worth of baby food for Titus. Not to mention, that I think it is better for him and tastes better too (yes, I've done a taste test!). So far I've only made it from frozen or fresh fruits and vegetables. Pictured below are peas, mixed vegetables, carrots, and green beans. Now I've got to get busy on the apples and pears I bought. Thank you Amy for the wonderful containers!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Titus and Patches

Titus loves his puppy, Patches, that Aunt Keri bought him.

Everything goes in his mouth!!

Fondue Fun!!

On Friday, October 3, Tim and I celebrated the 10th anniversary of our first date. (We even got a babysitter!) We went to the Melting Pot and enjoyed a four course fondue!! It was so delicious!!! We made reservations early enough that we got one of the private booths for two with a privacy curtain - so romantic!!
Our first course was cheddar cheese with bread, vegetables, and apples for dippers. Then we had salads - Tim got the Southwestern Cobb and I got the California.

For the main course, we chose the Signature Selection which included filet mignon, shrimp, teriyaki-marinated sirloin, salmon, chicken and vegetables. We cooked it Bourguignonne style. First we battered the meat and then cooked it in oil. One of my favorites was the mushrooms. Our waitress suggested filling them with the cream cheese and chives spread before battering and frying them and it tasted heavenly!! I also really like the ginger-plum sauce.

The fourth course was by far my favorite. For dessert, we had the Flaming Turtle Fondue - milk chocolate, caramel and toasted pecans. Our waitress flambeed it at our table. For dippers, they brought us strawberries, bananas, fudge brownies, pound cake, rice krispies, cheesecake, and marshmallows coated with oreo and graham cracker crumbs. YUMMY!!

It was a very memorable evening and soo much fun!! On Saturday, we hosted our own fondue party with our friends, the Rydmans. It was a lot of prep work, but just as much fun!! Thank you again to MOM G. and MOM C. for my amazing fondue pots!!

Misc. Pictures

We had a great time this year going to all of Tim's away soccer games.

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