Saturday, October 18, 2008

Titus is 6 months old!!!

His pictures turned out soo cute!!! I've been really pleased with Portrait Innovations - I always end up buying more pictures than I intend!! I can't believe how fast Titus is growing - he really is such a ham!! I posted the pictures I ordered and some others I liked but couldn't afford!! :) Good thing they give you the disk free!!

He looks pretty mischievous in this one!

I ordered this one for my "package deal," so I have lots!!

So Precious! (ordered this one, too)

This outfit was a last minute decision on the way out the door when I saw that Tim was wearing his Ohio State shirt - love it!!

I got these two in the wicker chair in a double exposure 10 x 13.

One of my favorites - of course, I ordered this one!!

Another favorite I ordered.

He kept trying to eat the remote and the football!!

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