Monday, December 1, 2008

November In Review!!

Wow!! The past month went by so fast!! I can't believe I haven't posted in four weeks - life has been extremely busy. There were many highlights and exciting events during November, so it will take me a few posts to get everyone updated.
Titus and I were able to go to my dad's 50th birthday party in Ohio during the first part of the month. It was a fabulous trip and the perfect time to travel through the mountains!

The theme was Georgia Bulldogs in honor of Dad making it to the "50 yard line." We watched the Georgia-Florida game (and wished we hadn't!).

I found the perfect Little Debbie snacks to match our theme - Go Dawgs!!!

Dad got tickets to the Georgia-Kentucky game played the following week.

Mom makes the BEST birthday cookies!! :)

Keri made a fabulous cheeseball - yum!!

I'll post more pictures from our visit - hopefully tomorrow!


  1. We were so glad to have Karla and Titus here for a few days. Thanks Tim. It sure made Dad's 50th birthday even more special.
    Can't wait til Christmas!


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