Friday, December 5, 2008

Ohio State vs. Michigan Game

We were able to go some friends' house to watch the game on the big screen! Tim and Titus both were decked out in their OSU gear. This was the first time I actually saw the Buckeyes win a game. It's a fact that I'm bad luck when it comes to football games - if I'm watching, my teams (OSU & UGA) never win!!!

Daddy's BOY!!

I found some cool snacks for the game when I was in Ohio.

He was worn out!!!

PS. Don't tell my family :), but I'm kinda relieved that Georgia lost to Tech because I was not looking forward to the possibility of a UGA - OSU game!!! On the other hand, since I really couldn't care less, it would have actually been a win-win situation.

1 comment:

  1. I just realized that you did watch the GA/Ga Tech game and that could be why they lost. Thanks! But it is probably for the best or we could have had a church split!


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