Sunday, May 17, 2009


It always seems as if Titus takes longer to learn the stuff I'm actually trying to teach him. It took him forever to finally clap his hands and give kisses. He still won't wave bye on a regular basis and we are now struggling to differentiate between "nose" & "mouth." However, I was absolutely amazed when I turned around from cleaning the kitchen to see Titus trying to plug in the vacuum cleaner cord!! Fortunately I had put the cover back on the outlet!! I guess kids really do learn more just by watching EVERYTHING we do than by what we try to tell them!! LESSON LEARNED!

I took the next picture because this is the messiest Titus had been while eating his supper. Tim was working in the yard and I was working in the house, so I let Titus feed himself his ravioli. He did a pretty good job!!

After this mess he was ready for a bath, so I left him momentarily to run his bath water and THIS is what I came back to!! He had sooo much fun and was just laughing at himself. Being a mom is the BEST in the world!

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