Thursday, January 21, 2010

And So It Begins - x2!!

I'm having fun shopping for good deals (well, really STEALS!!) on matching outfits for the girlies. Though I must say it is harder than I thought! Shopping for one boy is definitely easier than 2 girls even if the selection for girls is 3 times as much. I refuse to pay full price for something they will only wear 3 months, so finding 2 of the same thing, in the same size, for the right season, at a great deal has been quite challenging, but also VERY FUN!!! Will I always dress them alike? Well, if I could afford to -maybe. But, of course, I'm not going to pass up a STEAL if I only find one of something. Though it's not as much fun to buy one as it is to buy two and imagine them on our sweet little girls. :)

Now that I know they are girls and am 99% sure they are identical, I AM SO EXCITED!!! Tim and I are both still in amazement that we actually get to have twins! God has truly blessed us - first with Titus and now 2 girls!

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