Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Identical Girls!!

Top - Baby A profile
Bottom - Baby B profile

Baby A - Kalen/Kalyn/Kaelyn (Can't decide on the spelling!!)

Baby B - Kourtney

Best shot she could get of both. You can see Baby A's back and Baby B's head.


  1. Great news! Two identical twin girls. I love their names Kaelyn and Kourtney (sticking to the traditional "K").Love, Grandma Pat

  2. Nana & Papaw CuringtonJanuary 21, 2010 at 3:32 AM

    So amazing - God is so good. They are adorable - look like Titus! I vote for the Kaelyn spelling - very unique and all her own. We love you ALL and are so excited so see these 2 IDENTICAL girls!
    Love, Mom and Dad C.

  3. They got great pictures from the ultrasound!! I like the Kaelyn spelling too!


  4. These pictures are amazing!

    I found your blog via *A Preacher's Wife* [Julie Fink] and wanted to say "Congratulations on your great expectations!"

    I can imagine your joy and the fun you're having finding great deals/steals on clothing for them!

    Blessings ...


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