Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Titus!!

Titus turned two years old yesterday!! He is growing soo fast!! We had a small family party this past Thursday since my mom and Tim's parents were in town for our church's Ladies Spectacular. Yesterday after church, we let him have another cupcake and blow out candles again...this time he knew exactly what to do!! We are having his Thomas the Tank Engine party this Saturday for all his little friends and his favorite babysitters. Lots of preparation to get done for the 30+ people we will be hosting!! :) I'm having so much fun planning it and making all the neat sure MANY pictures will be posted!!

We also moved him to his toddler bed last Thursday and he has done GREAT!! He loves sleeping in his new bed! Only downside for us is that he comes in to wake us up as soon as he wakes up in the morning - no more playing quietly in his crib while mommy sleeps in!

Enjoy the pictures!! Some are very small, but you can click on them for a larger image.
Click to play this Smilebox collage: Happy Birthday, Titus!

1 comment:

  1. Had such a great time! Wish we could be there to see his reaction at
    his big party. Love ya
    Mom G.


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