Friday, April 9, 2010

Ultrasound Pictures!

We had another ultrasound today and got some awesome pictures! I went to the new office and it is sooo much nicer and they were able to do 4-D for us! Both are still breech though, so more than likely when I go for my appt. next week they will schedule my C-section for some time around the middle of May. Which means I'm down to only about 6 1/2 weeks to go!

We still have tons to do in the nursery!! Got it painted, but still need to add the glossy stripes to the pink above the chair rail. And we officially have two matching cribs and changing table thanks to many searches on Craigslist!!

AND I just found out that some ladies at church are giving me shower which is a huge blessing!! Buying for twins can be overwhelming at times!!

Enjoy the pictures! FYI - if you click on the pictures, you can see them larger! :)

Baby B - Kourtney- Decided to put her first this time to be fair! :)
She had her hand over her face and then she opened her eyes - SOO COOL!!

Baby A - Kaelyn - She started out with her hand in her mouth and then moved it under her chin.

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  1. Tell the doctor, I will pay him a little on the side to come in on May 22nd!! Can't believe you just have about 6 more weeks!! When is your shower?


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