Saturday, March 12, 2011

House Party

About a year ago, I joined a site called House Party. It is a company that connects consumers with manufacturers that are looking to introduce their product to the public and spread the word about their companies. I have applied for several parties and have been selected to host 3 different ones now. The first House Party I hosted was for Shutterfly and every guest received a free custom photo book and 12 free custom greetings cards. I also hosted a party for Gerber and was sent a TON of free goodies for myself and my guests. I did that party as a play date for infants and toddlers. The most recent party I hosted was last night for Johnsonville. I prepared a few yummy recipes for my family and some friends using free product sent by Johnsonville and then ended the evening with DUTCH BLITZ!! Super FUN!!! My guests received several coupons for free products as well. I highly recommend the House Party site. You can choose which parties to apply for as well.
My Johnsonville Party Pack

Sharon's favorite sausage! :0

Sarah's a fan of the Zuppa!

I ♥ my Crazy Husband!!

My Gerber Party Pack

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  1. WOW! I had no idea. Very cool. I think I will check them out and then move to NC so I can come to some of your parties!


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