Friday, March 11, 2011

Super Mom!!

Today I feel like a SUPER MOM!! A lot of days I don't, but today I DO!! :) I successfully ventured out BY MYSELF with ALL THREE kiddos under the age of 3 WITHOUT CATASTROPHE!! 

 Titus was a perfect angel and the girls just smiled and cooed at everyone who stared. I had to pick up some groceries for a party tonight, and there was no way my extremely busy husband could help this time. I had Titus in the front of the cart, Kaelyn in her car seat in the back, and Kourtney strapped to me in my Bjorn. It did take just as long to get in and out of the store as it did to actually get my groceries, but it was actually FUN!!! I was well prepared with snacks for the kids and my strategically mapped out list, and we just sailed through the supermarket. Of course, I rewarded myself afterward with a Sweet Tea from McD's (even though I had to drive 5 minutes out of the way to stop!). :) 

I would actually attempt this again. Not sure what I'll do when I can't put one girl in the back and one in the Bjorn....guess I'll have to shop only at the stores with "cars" in the front of the cart. It's soooo fun being a mom, and my children are at such a fun stage - especially the girls! I definitely have celebrity status with them in tow. :) I've had lengthy conversations with the most random people all because the girls are with me, and I've discovered that everyone and their brother is a twin (no pun intended) or knows twins or has siblings or parents that are twins - and yet they are still amazed at my adorable little girlies! :) 

Well, all rambling aside, now I need to go conquer the rest of the world - aka my house cleaning! 


  1. Super mom you are! and NOW getting out with them all - WOW! By the time you can't figure out how to work it with 3, one goes off to school :( Such a sad day for mom! Love you, Karla, you're awesome.

  2. Hey, Karla - I read this post again today and although I did not have twins, 6 kiddos in tow ANYWHERE can be a chore. I remember the first time I ventured out with all 6 kids by myself. I felt like I deserved a trophy afterwards! ha! Now, my baby is 4 and my eldest are old enough to stay at home by themselves if they choose. What a change in life we have had in the last 3-4 years! It goes by so fast. It brought tears to my eyes to read the memories of when your girlies were so tiny. I love and miss you all - Keep up the great job - your family is wonderful!


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