Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Sweet Kiddos!

Just a few new pictures! I am trying to take more time to actually get pictures of the kiddos during the day. Sometimes I get so caught up in trying to get 101 things done, that I put off taking pictures until I finish whatever it is I'm doing.  WELL.... since I'm constantly in the middle of doing something, pictures don't always happen.  So here is proof of my efforts to change this bad habit! Enjoy! :)

Titus loves playing with "them" - as he calls his sisters! "I wanna play with them!"

Kourtney with her talking egg. :)

Front - Kaelyn with her talking egg. :)

Titus helping "them"! :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Family Room Re-do

I am having so much fun re-doing our family room!! We've done A LOT since we moved here about 5 1/2 years ago - including tearing down the wall dividing the kitchen from the family room and replacing the cabinets and counter top.  We added a bar to divide the two rooms and have loved the set-up!! But with our growing family, it was time for some additional seating!! :) We also enjoy having friends over and needed a place for everyone to sit and fellowship.  I'm posting some pictures of our progress so far, and will post pics of the final product after we make a few more decor purchases. :)  I probably should have waited until it was finished, but with our family out of town, I'm posting so they can see what we've done so far!! :) 
Still gotta find a rug and curtains and some shelving/boxes for the walls! Oh and a TV for Tim....:) FUN!! :0

Kitchen when we bought the house - EWWW!!

The wall we tore down - looking into family room from kitchen.

Family room - left wall is the fireplace wall.

Couldn't find the pics I took right after the remodel - maybe eventually...

Fireplace in between re-models.  We painted the mantle and the frame.

Again the only pic I could find for now to give an idea of the "in between" stage. :0

New cabinets and counter - June 2008

Our new sectional and color scheme! Love all the seating!!!!
New fireplace - we put stone over the brick and got an updated insert! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Still need the TV and mantle...

Decor Close-up

Decor Close-up

Fireplace Close-up

Decor Close-up

Decor Close-up

View from kitchen - still need to find pillows that match! In the meantime, we turn them around! LOL!

Fireplace and pantry - we added that as well!

Easter 2011

Easter Baskets

Kaelyn - She was not happy to be awake so early!

Cutest kiddos ever!! :)

Kourtney - She's serious about her snacks!

My little man wearing his bow tie I made him!! Love it! :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Party Planning

I FINALLY got Titus's birthday party invitation designed and printed!! I've even given them out!!  YAY for me! This month has been CRAZY busy, so Titus's party is two whole weeks after his birthday. He was born DURING our 2008 Ladies' Conference, so his birthday always falls around an extremely busy time of year.

I'm super excited about this year's party theme, "Curious George Goes to the Circus"!! How can I go wrong with a dual theme! It's going to be super fun!! Now to get busy designing the rest of his party printables and finishing up some decor!

SO what do you think??? LOVE Photoshop Elements, but I'm still learning my way around, so be nice! :)
And please excuse the ***** in place of my address... :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gorgeous Day!!

Today was the perfect day for riding tricycles and police motorcycles, pushing lawn mowers, filling dump trucks, blowing bubbles, squashing crane flies, blowing dandelions, playing baseball, and running around the yard in circles!! Love playing outside with Titus!! I wouldn't trade my SAHM life for ANYTHING!!! :0  
"Three years old!"

Cutting the grass! :)
I plan to upload the video of him "helping" Daddy cut the grass tonight.  He stayed out with Tim the whole time, pushing his own little mower and working up a sweat! :) LOVE HIM!

Patch the Pirate

Titus absolutely LOVES Patch the Pirate! It's all we listen to in the car - good thing Tim and I like it too! :)  We have been privileged the past few years to have Patch and Sissy at our annual Ladies' Conference.  Tim is their host while they are here and has enjoyed getting to know them! They are such wonderful humble Christians!! This year Titus was actually old enough to know it was Patch the Pirate and Sissy Seagull and kept saying "I want to talk to him" and "I want to touch him"! He was definitely fascinated!!  He got to hold Patch's sword and Sissy even gave him a couple new cd's - he was in heaven! :) We are so thankful for the ministry of these dear people and grateful for the positive influence on our children. I have called on Patch's character building songs MANY times when teaching, training, and even correcting Titus, and even now I can see that the songs speak to his heart and his moral conscience. If you are not familiar with Majesty Music, you definitely need to check out their site!

Patch and Sissy - 2010

Singing with Sissy - 2010


New cd!! -2010

2011 - Blessed to know such great Christians!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Titus!!

Today, my first born turned 3!! He has been so excited about his birthday!! He knows it means CAKE, ice cream, and presents!! :) Nana and Grandma both left him a present when they were here last week, and we went ahead and let him open his presents from us as well.  Though, I probably will end up getting him a few more things for his BIG party next weekend. :) 
We celebrated with cake and ice cream and supper at McDonald's! A dear family at our church gave Titus a sizable gift card to Mickey D's for his birthday - our church family is so thoughtful and generous! We also let Titus take a beautiful flower bouquet to his "Birthday Buddy" -  a sweet lady in our church who shares his birthday. He was SO SWEET delivering her flowers! We ended the day by taking him to Toys R Us to spend his birthday money from Great-Grandma Pat and some other church friends. He got a HUGE dump truck and is in HEAVEN!! :)  I can't wait to take him outside to play with it tomorrow. :0

Titus LOVES Patch the Pirate!!

He also had a party in Ohio a few weeks ago so he could celebrate with Papa and Grandma and Matthew and Aunt Keri!!  He was in Toy Story heaven!!

COOL 3-D party ware!!

To infinity....AND BEYOND!!

Yummy Birthday Cookie!!

 Now we just have ONE more BIG party!! :) FUN!!!
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