Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter Baskets

Kaelyn - She was not happy to be awake so early!

Cutest kiddos ever!! :)

Kourtney - She's serious about her snacks!

My little man wearing his bow tie I made him!! Love it! :)


  1. You have such sweet little ones!I'm glad you all had a lovely Easter.

  2. Love the pictures!!! Is the sectional corduroy? Reminds of the material of the couch we had when you were growing up(except for the fact the rust color would be outdated) Thanks again for keeping us updated on your re-do! Love it

  3. Yes, the sectional is corduroy! It's very comfortable too!! And that color would probably be back in style! I remember when the lamp light bulb burned a circle on the back cushion...oops! :)

  4. love all the pix. the kids are beautiful :)


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