Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Family Room Re-do

I am having so much fun re-doing our family room!! We've done A LOT since we moved here about 5 1/2 years ago - including tearing down the wall dividing the kitchen from the family room and replacing the cabinets and counter top.  We added a bar to divide the two rooms and have loved the set-up!! But with our growing family, it was time for some additional seating!! :) We also enjoy having friends over and needed a place for everyone to sit and fellowship.  I'm posting some pictures of our progress so far, and will post pics of the final product after we make a few more decor purchases. :)  I probably should have waited until it was finished, but with our family out of town, I'm posting so they can see what we've done so far!! :) 
Still gotta find a rug and curtains and some shelving/boxes for the walls! Oh and a TV for Tim....:) FUN!! :0

Kitchen when we bought the house - EWWW!!

The wall we tore down - looking into family room from kitchen.

Family room - left wall is the fireplace wall.

Couldn't find the pics I took right after the remodel - maybe eventually...

Fireplace in between re-models.  We painted the mantle and the frame.

Again the only pic I could find for now to give an idea of the "in between" stage. :0

New cabinets and counter - June 2008

Our new sectional and color scheme! Love all the seating!!!!
New fireplace - we put stone over the brick and got an updated insert! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Still need the TV and mantle...

Decor Close-up

Decor Close-up

Fireplace Close-up

Decor Close-up

Decor Close-up

View from kitchen - still need to find pillows that match! In the meantime, we turn them around! LOL!

Fireplace and pantry - we added that as well!


  1. It looks alot more "open" and airy now! LOVE IT!

  2. Becca, I know, right??!! I loved my red wall, but it was starting to close in on me!! Maybe I'll do it again in 20 years when I have a bigger house! :)


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