Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Titus!!

Today, my first born turned 3!! He has been so excited about his birthday!! He knows it means CAKE, ice cream, and presents!! :) Nana and Grandma both left him a present when they were here last week, and we went ahead and let him open his presents from us as well.  Though, I probably will end up getting him a few more things for his BIG party next weekend. :) 
We celebrated with cake and ice cream and supper at McDonald's! A dear family at our church gave Titus a sizable gift card to Mickey D's for his birthday - our church family is so thoughtful and generous! We also let Titus take a beautiful flower bouquet to his "Birthday Buddy" -  a sweet lady in our church who shares his birthday. He was SO SWEET delivering her flowers! We ended the day by taking him to Toys R Us to spend his birthday money from Great-Grandma Pat and some other church friends. He got a HUGE dump truck and is in HEAVEN!! :)  I can't wait to take him outside to play with it tomorrow. :0

Titus LOVES Patch the Pirate!!

He also had a party in Ohio a few weeks ago so he could celebrate with Papa and Grandma and Matthew and Aunt Keri!!  He was in Toy Story heaven!!

COOL 3-D party ware!!

To infinity....AND BEYOND!!

Yummy Birthday Cookie!!

 Now we just have ONE more BIG party!! :) FUN!!!


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures! We had so much fun celebrating with Titus a little early!!! Hope you all have a great time next weekend with his Curious George party!! FUN!

  2. I Love the pictures! It was so much fun celebrating this year!! I love that they are getting to the age where they understand, it makes it so much fun!! Hope y'all have a gReAt time next week!! Love y'all!!
    AuNt KeRi~

  3. Love the Blog pictures! Titus will really enjoy reviewing "This is Your Life Titus" as he grows up.
    Your Blog is a wonderful keepsake!
    Great-Grandma Pat

  4. He looks so happy! He reminds me of my nephew. We celebrated his birthday last week only in one of the Los Angeles venues. It was great fun! Anyways, it’s nice that you shared a blog like this. Your kid will be very happy to look at these memorable blogs in future.


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