Thursday, April 21, 2011

Party Planning

I FINALLY got Titus's birthday party invitation designed and printed!! I've even given them out!!  YAY for me! This month has been CRAZY busy, so Titus's party is two whole weeks after his birthday. He was born DURING our 2008 Ladies' Conference, so his birthday always falls around an extremely busy time of year.

I'm super excited about this year's party theme, "Curious George Goes to the Circus"!! How can I go wrong with a dual theme! It's going to be super fun!! Now to get busy designing the rest of his party printables and finishing up some decor!

SO what do you think??? LOVE Photoshop Elements, but I'm still learning my way around, so be nice! :)
And please excuse the ***** in place of my address... :)


  1. That's a very intelligent use of an asterisk. :)

  2. LOL!! Well, you know me - extremely intelligent! :)

  3. Love the theme and the invitation! Just hate it that we can't be there!

  4. Karla-the invitations are adorable! I got so frustrated with Photoshop, that I just use Microsoft Publisher. I hope you guys have fun! I loved planning Maggie's party and can't wait to plan Lucy's.

  5. Is there anyway that you could allow us to download this? I LOVE this invite and would like to use it for my son's birthday.

  6. Dear Anonymous, Thanks for your interest! You can direct digi-design inquiries to :)


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