Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Patch the Pirate

Titus absolutely LOVES Patch the Pirate! It's all we listen to in the car - good thing Tim and I like it too! :)  We have been privileged the past few years to have Patch and Sissy at our annual Ladies' Conference.  Tim is their host while they are here and has enjoyed getting to know them! They are such wonderful humble Christians!! This year Titus was actually old enough to know it was Patch the Pirate and Sissy Seagull and kept saying "I want to talk to him" and "I want to touch him"! He was definitely fascinated!!  He got to hold Patch's sword and Sissy even gave him a couple new cd's - he was in heaven! :) We are so thankful for the ministry of these dear people and grateful for the positive influence on our children. I have called on Patch's character building songs MANY times when teaching, training, and even correcting Titus, and even now I can see that the songs speak to his heart and his moral conscience. If you are not familiar with Majesty Music, you definitely need to check out their site!

Patch and Sissy - 2010

Singing with Sissy - 2010


New cd!! -2010

2011 - Blessed to know such great Christians!

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  1. I love it!!! I can hear Titus saying,"I want to touch him!" as I look at the pictures!! He is one cute little boy!:) I love y'all!!! Hope to see you soon!
    AuNt KeRi~


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