Sunday, May 29, 2011

{REAL Party} - Sugar & Spice Part 1 ~ The Details

What a fun party!! - to host and to plan!  It's not everyday that I'll have twin girlies turning one, so I wanted their 1st birthday party to be extra special - and yet REAL! I am a SAHM on a budget, so pretty much whatever I wanted at their party had to be done by me. Fortunately my family came in town for the big day, so I was able to pull it off.  I definitely could not have done everything without the help of my mom and sister!

I chose the theme Sugar & Spice because that is what our twin girlies are to us! :) Kaelyn is our fun & feisty girl and Kourtney is our sweet and snuggly girl.  Though, as twins are prone to do, they like to switch it up on us often! Just when we think we've figured 'em out, they surprise us! What's not to love about having adorable twin girlies?? We really feel so blessed beyond measure.

For the colors, I had originally planned for pink and brown, but then fell in love with pink and gray! Fortunately I found a designer on Etsy {digitalpotpourri} that had some digital elements combining the three.
View their invitation.

Now on to the details! :)

{As a side note - I had a TERRIBLE time with blogger putting my pictures in random places, so please forgive their being "out of order"!}

Party Banner made by my friend Sarah - She sells these and does an awesome job!
The tissue pom poms are one of my favorite trends right now! 

My girls' birthday cakes -  I was thrilled to discover the ease of using Wilton's 1M tip!!
Rather than icing the bottom, I made my own "liners" out of scrapbook paper. 

The Sweet Shoppe ♥

My mom and sister and I hand-dipped most all the chocolate goodies. 

I purchased these adorable Sweet Shoppe bags from In The Clear on Etsy.

I ♥ Subway art, but it can be expensive, so I made my own budget friendly version.
Go HERE to download it for free!
 I saw this these in a book and loved the idea of baking the cupcakes in  teacups! So pretty and elegant!

 I designed the cupcake toppers in PSE and my friend Sarah assembled them for me. :)

The brownie pops were probably the most challenging thing we made
- mostly because we'd never done them before.  But they turned out DELICIOUS!!
These were definitely a learning experience!

Another good use of PSE.
Table Centerpieces with Pictures of the Girls for Favors.

I served homemade croissants - chicken salad {recipe link coming soon!}, ham/cheese, and turkey/cheese
Vegetable Medley with Tim's Buffalo Ranch Dip
Watermelon Salsa {a personal fav.} and Tortilla  Chips
Fruit Kabobs
Pink Lemonade - I bought the straws from Hey Yo Yo on Etsy

Stay Tuned for Part 2 - {Party Action}! :)


  1. So cute! Thanks for including the links for the etsy shops you used!

  2. Where did you get the glasses that the straws are in

  3. My husband and I have an addiction to Costco brand Frapps, so I started saving the bottles. Took me about a year to get that many... :0

  4. Hi Karla! I just love everything that you did for your girls! I am going to do a Sugar and Spice theme for my twin girls 1st birthday which is coming up at the end of this month! I am in LOVE with the cupcake cakes you made. I purchased a cupcake cake pan at Michaels and I wanted to know what you used for the frosting? Is it actually icing? Look forward to hearing from you soon!

  5. Hi Cathy! Thanks for stopping by! The sugar n spice theme is sooo much fun! I used Wilton's buttercream recipe for frosting the top of the cupcakes. For the bottom I used pink and white striped scrapbook paper folded accordion style and then wrapped it around the base to look like a cupcake liner. :0

  6. This is the cutest idea! I've recently decided on a sugar & spice theme for my twin girls' 1st birthday party in December and was searching for some ideas - your pictures really capture what I imagined in my head! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  7. I would like to buy a banner. I have twin girls turning 1 January 27.

  8. Wow!! This is so inspirational! I have twin girls turning 1 on January 30 and picked "Sugar -n- Spice" as our theme, and just came across your site when doing some research! I may shamelessly "borrow" your ideas ,although ours will be indoor, so will be a bit different. Nice job, and thanks for posting!

  9. Where did you find the teacups for the cupcakes?
    I am hosting a Mad Hatter bridal tea party and these will be perfect


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