Wednesday, June 1, 2011

♥ Pinterest ♥

I am SOOO excited to have found a new way to organize my ideas and to find new ones! I have always been kind of an organizing freak, so this new site is just up my alley!  I have been seeing references to Pinterest here and there and just never really had the time to check it out...well, I finally did and I LOVE it.  It is an invitation only site for "pinning" things you love to "boards" to organize your ideas and share them with others. To get an invitation you simply need to request one on the site (which I did and it took a couple of days to hear back) or have a friend who is already a member send you an invitation.  I have sent a couple so far, so if you need one - let me know! :)

Until now, I have had folders on my computer for copying images of things that inspire me and things that I want to remember to make or try.  I have a folder for birthday parties, home decor, tutorials, etc... And while I do keep these on an external hard drive so my computer doesn't get sluggish (learned that the hard way!), it is so nice to have such a creative and fun way to organize.  And I love being able to follow all my favorite bloggers and designers!! Screenshot below is of Tom Kat Studio's Boards - love her style and taste!

So wanna join me on Pinterest??  I promise you will NEVER look back! :0

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