Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yay for Summer! ♥

I have always said that fall is my favorite season with spring being a close second. But now that I have children - especially a 3 yr old - I have fallen in love with summer! I love the more relaxed work schedule my husband has - he even has a day off every week! Which is huge since he gives his weekends to the ministries at our church year round.
Well, this week has been super HOT, so we cleaned up the kiddie pool and filled 'er up. Titus has gone swimming the past three days - he LOVES it! Now I just need to get out the smaller baby pool for the girls - can't wait to let them wear their adorable little swimsuits. I'm curious to see how they take to the water since Titus hated it his first two summers. So pics of them will follow, but for now I've got some super fun pics of Titus for you! :) Enjoy!

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