Sunday, July 17, 2011

Homemade Baby Wipes - My Recipe ♥

In one of my many efforts to save a little extra money, I decided to try making my own baby wipes.  I remember my mom making them when I lived at home, so this is definitely not something I invented! :) I am now on my second batch, and I LOVE them!! The first time, I followed a recipe I found online, but I thought my wipes ended up too sudsy, so this past time I tweaked the recipe a little and think it works better for my tastes.

I am loving these wipes and have been making them for over a year now.  I love the way they smell and feel that they clean and remove yucky smells so much better than store-bought wipes. (some brands smell horrible IMO!) And these make great gifts for other frugal mommies-to-be!! I include a pre-cut roll of paper towels in a decorated container, the ingredients for making, and a card with the recipe.

Ingredients & Supplies:
Airtight Container
2 1/4 cups water (This depends on the size paper towel roll you use - you may need slightly more or less.)
1.5 Tbs Baby Wash
1 Tbs Baby Oil
1 Roll Bounty Select-a-Size brand paper towels

1. Bring water to a boil on stove top and allow to cool to room temperature.  This step is important as it removes the bacteria from the water thereby keeping your wipes from molding.

2. While the water is boiling, use a NON-serrated SHARP knife to cut the roll of paper towels in half.  Place one of the halved paper towel rolls cut side down in the container. You will use 1/2 of the roll for each batch of wipes.  The first time I made these, I took the inner cardboard out at this point - and it was a HUGE pain!! So, my second time around, I added a little extra water (hence the extra 1/4 cup) so the inner cardboard could soak up the water mixture. It was SOOO much easier to take out after it was soggy! :)
My knife is terrible, so my ends are pretty jagged.  But it doesn't seem to make a difference in the end product. Also, the roll shown is VIVA, but I now use Bounty Select-a-Size and like them MUCH better!
3.  Mix water, baby bath, and baby oil.  (As a side note, the original recipe I followed called for 2 Tbs. of wash, but I prefer the wipes not to be as soapy.) I love the smell of the bedtime bath wash, and the Equate brand smells just as good! :)

4.  Pour the liquid mixture over the paper towels and close with the airtight lid.

5. As soon as the liquid is cool enough, you can remove the inner cardboard.  I find it is unnecessary to turn the container upside down as other recipes suggest.

Easy Peasy!! And I now prefer these to store bought wipes.  I purchased all my ingredients at Wal-Mart and figured that these wipes will cost me about 1/4 the price of the Equate brand wipes (which I do NOT like!). I use my wipes for my twins and each roll lasts me almost exactly a week.  And that is considering that I use them for everything, not just diaper changes! They are great for lunch clean-up and wiping runny noses as well! :)

Originally, I wondered how to use these in my travel wipes container for the diaper bag, and found that I could tear of a long strip of wipes and just fold them accordion style inside my container. I did this once and it was no problem at all. However, I found a smaller container (Rubbermaid 6 cup container - not pictured) that holds the roll of wipes very snugly and fits with no problem into my small diaper bag.

Good luck making your wipes!! I'm sure you will want to tweak this recipe to your tastes, but that's half the fun - fully customized wipes!! :0


  1. I found mine were a little sudsy as well - so I'll use a little less of the shampoo next time - good idea!

    Oh, and my knife is horrible too, so mine looks like a rat got into mine on the ends! ;)

  2. Yeah, I'm thinking maybe a knife that isn't serrated will do better...I have a really sharp Pampered Chef one I think I'll try.

  3. Great idea with the inner cardboard roll! That is the main problem I had years ago that was a bit frustrating! Very cute container!!!

  4. Karla! I'm feeling so organic I am going to make these today! AND I am getting out my cloth diapers that were given to me! Oh ya!

  5. So the ingredients is the for the whole roll of paper towels or just half?

  6. My sisters have made these for years (from The Tightwad Gazette). I like your container. What size and brand is that? The containers my sisters used is not made anymore.

    1. Hi Anna,
      I actually use this container:

      It's a tight fit, and I like that. It's also small enough that I can take it along if I'm going out for the day.


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