Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mothering Twins - {Part 3} - Scheduling the First 6 Months

Well, I promised to post a schedule, and since I've really turned into a "do it the easiest way" kind of person since the twins were born {ok, well, not entirely, but I'm feeling it tonight!}, I've decided to just copy and paste a response I sent to a friend who was asking about how I scheduled my kiddos. Enjoy!

Hmmm...don't know that I'm one to be giving advice!! But I guess I can share what has worked for us. I love Babywise, but I've also implemented ideas from "My First 300 Babies." With my first born Titus, I followed the Babywise schedule pretty rigidly, and he still did not sleep through the night until about 5 months. He did however take great naps and the days were wonderful. 

His schedule looked something like this:
From 2 weeks - 6 months
6:00 - Nurse
*Back to bed
9:00 - Nurse
Waketime - Swing, bouncer, or play area
10:30 - Nap
12:00 - Nurse
Waketime - Sing, Read stories, Interactive Play
1:30 Nap
3:00 - Nurse
Waketime - Tummy Time in Play Pen (So I could fix supper!)
4:30 - Nap
6:00 - Nurse
Waketime- Bath, Time with Daddy, short nap if fussy
10:00 - Nurse
To BED!!! :)

I waited 4 hours before giving the last feeding to make sure he was good and hungry! He would still wake up usually around 2-3 am and I guess I always felt as if I should feed him because he was always on the lower end of the charts with his weight. HOWEVER, around 5 months, I'd had enough and decided to let him cry it out. He had pretty much just developed a habit of waking up. His weight was not effected by dropping the early morning feed. I think the girls slept through the night earlier for several reasons:
*I feed them breast milk in a bottle and they always get a full feeding - no snacking!!
*I put a small amount of powder fine cereal in the last bottle of the night starting when they were 2 months old.
*I moved them to their own room sooner, and I think some nights I just slept through their crying. Sleep deprivation will do that to ya!!
*I've also noticed they sleep better in sleepers with feet! I read somewhere that a common reason for babies waking in the night is that they get cold - especially their feet.

All my babies have slept swaddled TIGHTLY!! Titus slept swaddled until he was about 15 months old!
For naps during the day, he did go through a period when I just had to let him cry and a couple of times he cried until his next feeding. But that only happened a couple of times and he has been a SUPER napper ever since. At 2 1/2 he is still taking a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. Tim and I also decided early on that "all unnecessary crying takes place in the crib!" If there is no urgent need - food/diaper/discomfort - the crying baby is placed in his crib and the door is closed. Titus never had a "cry time", but I've noticed that Kourtney gets fussy in the evenings and just needs to expel some energy. That doesn't mean I have to listen though! :)
Mrs. Cowling's books are good too - great philosophies in there!
Also with Titus's nap training time, he would get pretty worked up as well and couldn't calm himself down. I would reswaddle (and check his diaper) and pat his tummy and "shush" him, but I tried not to pick him up. The goal is to never reward unnecessary crying.

 Well, I'm sure you've heard or read all that before because it's not original with me, but maybe you can at least know you are not alone in your journey for sleep!!! Hey, with the twins, Tim and I had to get pretty creative. Their few weeks of eating every 3 hours at night was INSANE!!! I had to nurse them each one at a time, then pass them off to Tim for a bottle because they were weak suckers and couldn't always get enough. Then I had to pump to make sure I maintained my milk supply. The whole process took 1.5 - 2 hours. Then we got an hour or so break/sleep before starting all over again. We got caught up on all our favorite shows though! :) Now they are sleeping 10 -12 hours a night....kinda scared to mention that for fear they'll wake up at 2:00 tomorrow morning!! :) Good Luck! Feel feel to ask any other questions or even just vent! I definitely understand! :)

Soooo little! :) 3 weeks


  1. I read this when you first posted, but stopped by again to freshen up on the schedule part. My lil' Annaleah needs to be put on a schedule, I think. I love nursing on demand {of course that is easier with just one} but now that she if 4 weeks, I think it's schedule time. My Titus didn't sleep through the night until he was 1! Can you imagine? I let him do that, but I think I am too old now. :)

  2. That's the great part about parent directed feeding and just the whole philosophy in general - you decide what works best for your family! For me, I'd go crazy without a schedule, but for others it's the opposite. The schedule, though, at least helps me know why my baby is crying! However, I found that once I established a schedule, they hardly ever cried. NICE! :)


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