Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SAHM - what it means to me... ♥

...cloth diapering when I run out of disposables (very dear to my heart today!lol!)
....making my own baby wipes, baby food, etc...
...PB&J everyday for lunch (well, we changed it up today with broccoli and carrots with cheese sauce and fruit cups)
...constantly picking up toys
...being with my kiddos 24/7 (yay for naptime!) on a VERY strict budget eating out in my closet and pantry
...saving pennies for over a year (and likely longer) to buy a DSLR cable TV
...owning more "play" clothes than "career" clothes
...feeling isolated at times because zero of my local friends are SAHMs
But really WHO CARES about that stuff - it's all about...
....watching my little girlies toddle around the house in their stubby littly ponytails
..."playing" school with my 3 year old, teaching him his colors, numbers and the alphabet
...hearing my girlies giggling when they wake up from their nap
...being with my kiddos 24/7 (LOVE eating their necks, bellies, and toes!)
..."cleaning" house with my 3 year old
...being there to train my kiddos instead of having to discipline them when I get home
...playing outside whenever we want - especially in the kiddie pool or running through water from the hose
...reading my Bible in Titus's room while he plays and then having him ask if he can get his Bible to read
...using my teaching degree to teach the most important (& cutest!) kiddos in the world
...building train tracks that cover the family room floor - it's a science, ya know!!
...singing fun and silly songs
...tip-toeing through their bedrooms at nap time to put away their clothes
...slobbery kisses and sticky fingers
...a heart full of precious memories of seeing my babies milestones before anyone else
...checking the mail with Titus - it's a highlight of the day! :)
I could go ON and ON and ON with daily delights that warm my heart!!

I decided before I was married, that if the Lord ever blessed me with children, I would stay home and train them while they were little. I am SOOO thankful for a husband who agrees with that decision and has supported it every step of the way! Of course, it has not always been easy! (Said in response to the lady who told me that my husband must have gotten a huge raise at work if we could afford for me to stay home - Ummm.... no!) But we have chosen to make the necessary adjustments in our standard of living so that I can live with no regrets.  I was sooo made for this job - I'm the CEO you know! :) I wouldn't trade it for the millionaire's salary - some things just can't be bought!  Some have asked if I'll go back to teaching when my children are school age. It's definitely a thought, BUT then there's field trips, class parties, after school snacks to bake, away ball games, soooo who knows??

DISCLAIMER: This post is NOT a debate about the choice to stay home or not. It is simply the thoughts I'm having today as my heart is so full of thankfulness that the Lord has allowed me to live my dream. I have the highest respect for moms who choose not to stay at home for whatever reason they've decided.


  1. I am so thankful that God his given our son a wife with the desire to stay at home and raise their children. Raising your children a joy that never gets a "do-over" and goes by so quickly. When it's done, it's done. Enjoy your family - we are so proud of all 5 of you!

  2. Yes, I definitely am so thankful he's willing to go without all the fancy "toys" so that I can stay home!

  3. Oh, I could say sooo much in response to this! While I’m not in the mom role right now, I have really cherished my time at home so far. (I’m currently drafting a blog post about this that I’ll be guest posting at Homemaker by Choice on Wednesday). Although I never thought I’d be in this role, especially before children, I’m just so thankful that the Lord touched my heart in such a mighty way that my ‘career’ goal took a U-turn, that He blessed me with a husband that wants the same for us.
    My thoughts on what it means to you:
    …cloth diapering, making baby wipes, baby food, etc: so excited about this-hopefully one day, I can come to your for advice!
    ...PB&J everyday for lunch : Oh yeah! It’s usually Cheerios for me. on a VERY strict budget : coupons and sales and freebies, oh my!
    ...saving pennies for over a year…: I’m saving Swag Bucks Amazon gift cards to get a pressure canner cable TV: nope, there’s nothing much of substance on there anyway!
    ...owning more "play" clothes than "career" clothes: yay for comfy knit skirts every day!
    ...feeling isolated at times: I know the feeling. Not only do I not have other homemaker friends close by, but I also don’t have much of a system of support or encouragement outside my blog network. In my family, the concept of “homemaker” is nonexistent, and the decision was frowned upon by the one who I would have hoped to get the most support from. I’m so glad we found a church that thinks very differently, and it’s changed my perspective a lot.

    It gets hard sometimes, especially in our situation where I was kind of tossed into this role without having prepared financially—dismissing “wants” in favor of needs, always pinching pennies, and the growing “wish list” of things to purchase or projects to complete.

    But like you said, “WHO CARES about that stuff…” Absolutely! It’s such a blessing to be able to fully manage our home and be available to run errands and take care of “business” things during business hours, to keep a garden, can my own foods, cook from scratch, learn and refine new skills, to have time to coupon, price compare and shop for deals to make the most of what we have, and just to be able to help my husband out with whatever he needs when he needs it. I feel so comfortable in this role and I’m getting quite good at it. I definitely feel “right at home.” Thanks so much for posting this! It’s certainly been an encouragement for me!

  4. Good Stuff!!! Children really are HUGE blessing! And so is your love for the ones God has given you. :) We love y'all!!

  5. Akehia, Thanks so much for your comment! YOU were an encouragement to ME!! I have to remind myself A LOT that I will have many, many years after my children are grown to accomplish all the lofty goals I have. Right now my primary focus and goal is to be there for my husband and children. I am in the process of memorizing Proverbs 31 {don't know why I've not done it before now!!!} and am continually challenged by such a pattern for the Christian lady! ♥

  6. My daughter, the CEO, I love it! "Cherish the Moments"..(as I am holding back the tears, well not really, they are coming at a pretty steady flow right now!) I am so proud of you and the WISE choice you made to stay at home with my 3 precious "GRAND" babies!! It's sooo true, there are no do-overs, though there are times I want to go back and hold my little ones close to me again! Keep up the "never ending" good work! Love, Mom

  7. I love this post and almost teared up reading it, just knowing how you feel. I always thought I would be a "career woman", but wow God had different plans for me! The real estate market was declining rapidly when I found out I was expecting Maggie. My husband was also in real estate, so you can imagine the struggles we had. I can just say that the Lord has taught me patience, contentment, and obedience within the past few years. I love reading your blog and really hate it that we don't live closer...especially since I need a good piano teacher for Maggie :)

  8. I can so relate! :) Your family is blessed to have you. Blogging is a fun way to lessen the isolation, but I hope you do find some fellow SAHM's to journey life with as well. It makes such a difference for sure.

    Your family is beautiful - thanks for being a new friend at Wonder Woman Wannabe!

  9. I loved reading this post, Karla! I also share many of your same loves and similarities in being a SAHM, but this was refreshing to read as a good reminder of those things! Thanks for posting!

  10. Thanks, Jennifer!! I wouldn't trade it for anything!! But some days, I need the reminder as well!! lol


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