Monday, August 15, 2011

Tonight's Extreme Couponing Trip

Tonight I went to Wal-mart and Harris Teeter for Super Double coupons. Saved a ton of money and was able to get my new binder, dividers, and card sleeves for free with my overages! :) This is addicting!!
Walmart - Before coupons = $130.00 After Coupons = $6.00

Harris Teeter - Before Coupons = $69.00 After Coupons = $13.00

My Newest Hobby!!

About a month ago, a friend introduced me to the art of EXTREME couponing, and I'm hooked! I've always been frugal with our grocery spending, but this is sooo fun! I'm using the binder method to organize, and I get coupons from the newspaper, mailings, and online resources. I've posted below my most recent trip...but I'm going again tonight, so I'll be sure to update. :)

Total before coupons = $200! Total after coupons = $22!! Woo Hoo!!

I Need A Vacation!!

Yes, I just came back from vacation, and YES! I feel like I need a vacation!! I think that this stage of my life involves taking "trips" rather than vacations.  Vacation to me is a time to relax and do nothing - impossible to do with three kiddos! We were able to take two vacations this year - one with each side of the family! Both were loaded with TONS of fun and lots of memories. However, each vacation was on the tail end of a "trip" that required packing for two locations each time we traveled! Confused?? In June we spent a week in Oak Island with my family, but then traveled from there to Ohio for a 30th anniversary celebration at Tim's parents' church. Then the first of this month, we took a trip to the Majesty MusiCollege in Virginia for 3 days, and left straight from there to travel to Gatlinburg, TN for vacation with Tim's family. I have a TON of pictures to edit and post! :) And hopefully I can get that done sooner than later - still trying to get back into a routine.  Next week I officially start school with Titus.  I got the same curriculum our church's daycare uses so that when I finally send him off for K-5, he'll be prepared. EXCITING!! :) Now to tackle my To Do list...

Taken at the top of Clingman's Dome - that was a hike!!!!! ♥

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