Thursday, September 15, 2011

September Purge - 2011 - Gettin' It Done!!!

WOW - I can not believe it has been a month since my last blog post! And I had been doing so much better at keeping up this year! The summer was incredibly busy, but fun.  And honestly, this last month, I've really re-evaluated some priorities, and well, this blog is not high on the list!  The whole reason, though, that I started this blog was to chronicle the happenings of our little family, so I'm going to stick with it.  I do enjoy looking back at my old posts -especially the pictures of the kids- and realizing how truly blessed I am.

Probably the main reason for my online absence is that I've committed the month of September to completely purging every room, piece of storage furniture, and every nook and cranny of my house!!! I'm making great progress and it is soooo stress-relieving!  I made a list for every day of the month and have thrown away at least 10-12 bags of "stuff"!!  Definitely taking a minimalist approach to life these days!! I'm really thinking that once I complete my purge, I can maintain my daily cleaning SOOO much easier and faster! - At least until the next purge in spring...  My personality really doesn't allow me to focus on other things - mainly both of my Etsy shops (especially my DigiDesign shop) - unless my house is in order and everything is caught up.  Which, IMO, is how it should be, but I really need some more time to focus on making some extra income. :)  And even thus far, my less cluttered areas have allowed me more time in the mornings for going outside with the kiddos to blow bubbles, dig for worms, push them around in the dump truck, and take lots of pictures of them - which is VERY HIGH on my priority list! :0

One thing I have been doing A LOT of is making my SIL's recipe for cheese enchiladas!!! She made them on vacation for everyone, and they were THE BEST ever!! And they are so easy to make.  Hoping to get the recipe posted today or tomorrow for you all! YUM!!

And now my time limit is on to the next thing on my list! :)

Titus: "Aww, he's so cute! He likes me!"



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