Friday, October 28, 2011

My {FINISHED} Camera Strap Cover with a Tutorial Review ♥

 After much procrastination, I FINALLY FINISHED MY CAMERA STRAP COVER! Woo Hoo for me!! :) I am super excited! I pinned a bunch of tutorials to my Pinterest boards awhile back, but haven't had a chance to make one.  I ended up using two different tutorials: one from The Cottage Home and the other from Nursery Rhymes and Sweet Times.  
I got my basic measurements and assembly instructions from The Cottage Home's tutorial, and used the one from Nursery Rhymes to make the lens cover pocket.  I did vary a little from the tutorial at The Cottage Home, but only for a couple of things. 
I didn't have fusible fleece on hand, so I used some bamboo quilt batting to pad the back side of the strap and just quilted it down with a basic straight stitch.  I also LOVE the look of the ruched camera straps rather than gathered or ruffled, so I modified that part as well.
Rather than sewing a gathering stitch down the middle as called for in the tutorial, I sewed one down each side hoping it would give me the ruched look I so desperately HAD TO HAVE and IT WORKED!! ♥  I'm always surprised when it works for me!

I chose a black and white damask print for the front (though you can't really tell!) and a black and white diagonal print for the back.

LOVE THIS! Since my strap is neutral, I decided to make my accent rosettes interchangeable!! I'm seeing red, teal, yellow, and pink in the future!! The possibilities are endless!! 

I've seen many versions of the lens cap cover, but decided I wanted the elastic version, and the tutorial for this was super easy!! I like that it is roomy and that it will accommodate an extra SD card as well. ♥

Picture of the pocket without the cap in it... :)

I really do like the way the back of the strap turned out!! Even though I was just "making do," I think I'd probably do it like this in the future as well!! It's nice and comfy too!!

Just a closeup of the detail...

I was also really pleased with how the measurements came out.  Honestly, it was a BEAR to turn this thing right side out and then to slide shove it on my strap, but I prefer that it fits snugly and doesn't slide around as I've seen with a lot of other tutorials.

So, yup, definitely in love with my new camera strap, and I must confess I really am quite proud of myself!! Mostly for FINISHING this project!!

Oh, and lastly... a confession...I had to take these pictures with my point and shoot because I had already put the strap on my camera and was not about to undo ANYTHING!!! :) So, please, excuse the blur...

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  1. Soooo cute! I completly want one just like that! I don't think my sewing is quite advanced enough for that though.... Great job!

  2. Thanks, Kayte! The sewing was actually the easy part...turning it right side out nearly drove me bonkers!! I finally used a wooden spoon and that helped. :) You could do it...with a little patience. :0 There's also a lady on Etsy who sells the ruched style for a pretty comparable price.

  3. This is beautiful, Karla! If I ever get a good camera deserving of a strap, I definitely want one of these! You do deserve a big "pat on the back."

  4. Love it, especially the interchangeable accents!!!!


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