Friday, January 20, 2012

Cleaning on a Budget ♥ Part One

I, like most people I'm sure, have a Love/Hate relationship with cleaning.  I LOVE a clean, sparkly house, but do NOT necessarily love cleaning! And contrary to popular belief, the fact that I'm at home all day with my kiddos does not mean my house is always spotless! Because, "what else do I have to do besides clean all day?" lol... I've quit trying to make those who "think I've got the easy life" understand what a day in the life of a SAHM (with 3 kids 3 and under, I might add!) involves.  But let me just say, YES, I clean ALL DAY!! Because we are here ALL DAY!! And my kids make a mess ALL DAY!! And honestly, it can get overwhelming, so hence my "cleaning budget" - and you probably thought I was going to tell you how I save money?? I do have a few of my favorite tips I'll share, but mostly I'm going to share my "Time Budget" cleaning schedule.

So, a little BACKGROUND -I'm a recovering clean/neat freak with OCD...meaning, yeah, not so much anymore! Twins and a toddler will do that to ya! But I still feel my stress levels rise when my house starts getting out of order - I've tried to be laid back, I really have! These days, though, I try not to hold myself to as high a standard as it was getting pretty overwhelming and not even really possible.

My PHILOSOPHY or manner of thinking is this: I do stay home so that I can be the best wife and mother possible for my children.  I believe it's my purpose in life and why God created me. And I'm wired in such a way that working outside the home and being a happy wife and mother do not go together. So, while a clean house is part of it, I really don't want to spend my days CLEANING!!  I want to teach and train and play with my little ones while they are here at home with me - the SPOTLESS house can wait until they are in school.

This post was really INSPIRED by a conversation with a new SAHM.  She has two young children and due to various life circumstances, she no longer works in her career but rather stays home with her youngest who is not quite school age.  She expressed to me during a play date one afternoon that her house is messier, she has less time to cook, and feels tired more often now that she stays home...WHAT??  She didn't understand how that could be so when she is home all day. I reminded her that being home all day means LIVING in your house all day.

I've tried SO MANY cleaning schedules and ideas and followed so many cleaning and organizing blogs, but finally had to sit down and think about what works for me and my family. I had to put myself on a cleaning budget -  a cleaning TIME budget that is...   I'll share my thoughts on that in Part TWO. I'm a little long-winded...sorry!! Are you still reading?? lol  If so, think about some tips you can share either here or in my next post - I'd love to hear from you and learn some new ideas!

For now I'll close with this - my favorite discovery!!!
The Libman Freedom Mop- it has saved me a TON of money vs. my Swiffer.  And I actually clean with it more because I don't have to worry about running out of refills or batteries.  I got mine at good ol' Walmart!


  1. always love reading these tips and tricks! You are an inspiration! <3

  2. That mop does look geat! I spent way too much money on a Shark Steam Mop... don't get me wrong- I love it and it's awesome, but it was so pricey. I was 8 mo. preg. with #2 and couldn't take hands and knees floor mopping anymore. I hate traditional mops (just spreads the yuck all around!) and never likes swifter because the floors are sticky with cleaning product and the pads are too much. So I marched to the store and bought a steam mop. =) This one is probably great and a more reasonable price.

    I can't beleive I can chat so much about a MOP. =) I'm a recovering OCD neat freak too, obviously! ha ha. These days, a clean bathroom and kitchen are enough. Toys and play messes... well- part of life with little ones. I'll miss them someday. =)

  3. Kayte, I've eyed the Shark steam mop MANY times, but wondered if it's worth the money! Your opinion?? :)

  4. I enjoy reading your blog. You remind me of the Proverbs 31 women times 2. -Marcy

  5. Well, I do love it... it is so expensive... if I had known of this mop you mentioend I probably would have stuck with that. I had tried theLysol cheapie steam mop and it was flimsy and didn't last (or work as well). I like that I have 6 pads, so I can wait until they're all dirty and wash them together without any other laundry mixed in... I can fill it up and use one pad to do all the floors in my hosue, maybe switch pads once if it's really a dirty floor. I'm glad to have it for sure!


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