Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Few of My {Current} Favorite Things! ♥

First up, my new FAVORITE mug in the whole world...thanks to my wonderful mother who always asks what I want for Christmas!! :)  This Thermo-Ceramic Mug by Green Mountain Coffee is the perfect mug! Everyone knows coffee tastes better in ceramic, and everyone that knows me knows that I am not a fast coffee drinker. Sooo, now I get the best of both worlds...fab tasting coffee that is still hot after I've been sipping for an hour! It also comes with a travel lid!! (not pictured)

Next new KINDLE FIRE!! Proof that my husband is the best in the world...he got me this -complete with its sleek cover - in JANUARY, as in, NOT for Christmas!! Just because...and it was a suprise...just showed up in its Amazon box on my doorstep!! Ahhh, he spoils me and I LOVE HIM!! ♥ 

No list of my favorite things would be complete without CHIPS and SALSA!! Big surprise... :)  At the top of my preferences right now are Tostitos Restaurant Style and On the Border Cantina Thins...yummm!!

Silly, maybe, but I cannot live without my TRESemme expensive salon stuff here!!  

Sadly, I could not take a picture of my favorite perfume because I'm out!!! {Hint, Hint, Babe, I know you read my blog! :o} But this handy powder came with my last bottle - L'eau D'Issey by Issey Miyake.

So, I'm not really a purse collectin' kind of girl, but I do have my favorites - Dooney & Bourke and Coach. And it just so happens both were given to me by my wonderfully awesome husband! Told ya I'm spoiled - and don't tell him I told ya, but he does dishes too! :)

Probably the most visited site on my laptop and Kindle - Pandora!! Favorite station right now is Keith and Kristyn Getty. :)

I could sit for hours at my piano...well, not really, since these days I have 6 little hands that like to join in. :) But I'm seeing lots of piano quartets in the future... ♪♫♪♫

All of these are essential items in making my perfect cup of coffee - my Keurig milk frother, Coffee-mate Italian Sweet Creme creamer {we buy NOTHING else!!} and Starbucks Pike Place K-cups!!

So, what are some your favorite things - stuff you can't live without??  I love to try new things!!


  1. I love this list - and I was just going to ask you last night how you were liking your Kindle! :)

    hmmm, my favorite things right now?
    I'm loving my Kindle as well, enjoying taking some more time for *me* to read!
    Pepsi is a favorite but one habit I MUST break. (pray for me!) ;) I'd have to say my headbands are reaching up there as a favorite, I really enjoy the extra *pop* of pretty they add.
    Chips and salsa are also a fave and I really prefer the Aldi brand salsa, perfect amount of "chunky" for me, I don't care for thin runny salsa, and round chips :D
    CATO brand tights, best I've ever used and they last a long time!
    Cute reusable cups with straws and lids, I'm obsessed!
    Gold Bond ultimate healing lotion!
    Ink Joy pens by Papermate - so smooth when they write!
    And my little spiral bound notebooks, I live and die by my lists! :D


  2. My husband eats chips and salsa EVERY night. We could eat a whole bag of Tostitos Lime Chips! Definitely worth a try! :) LOVE this post!

  3. I thought of you the other day while I was eating chips and salsa from Toro Loco after Dad surprised me with the salsa! :) The coffee looks so inviting: can't wait for you to make me a cup! (I'm still looking for a frother) Also, cross your fingers, because I may also get to add a kindle fire to my list of favorites as well!


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