Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Loving Life in Myrtle Beach...♥

We had an awesome time this past week in Myrtle Beach for our church's couples' conference!! Special speakers were Bob and JoBeth Hooker and they were amazing! We stayed in an ocean view room at the Beach Colony Resort - I love the sound of the ocean!!  When Tim and I lived in Florida, we had every Friday off work from the church, and a lot of those Fridays were spent all day with my parents and siblings at the ocean. Nothing like a good cook-out by the water --- those were fun days!!!  Now we try to go at least once a year to get away and relax. :) Anyhow, back to this past weekend...

My wonderful mother drove all the way down from Ohio to watch our kiddos so we could go. She made us these delicious chocolate covered strawberries and mint chocolate hearts to take on our trip. ♥

Friday night has traditionally become known as "game night", and we have a lot of fun playing Dutch Blitz with friends. This year we also played Apples to Apples - very interesting!!!


He's ALL MINE!!! ♥ him!!!

I love pictures of us at the ocean!! Much of our relationship has been centered around trips to the beach...Tim first told me he loved me at Flagler Beach near Daytona; we got engaged at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware; we spent the first week of our honeymoon in an ocean front condo in Daytona and the second week we saw the oceans surrounding PEI, Canada.  And after nearly 10 years of marriage, we are growing more and more in love each day.  LOVE HIM!!!

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