Monday, March 19, 2012

DIY Panera Bread Sandwiches ~ YUMMO!!

I ♥ Panera Bread!! With so much junk fast food out there, it's nice to be able to get a quick meal if needed without feeling "icky" afterward.  Though, if you are looking for a $ menu - probably not the best place to go!  
I've discovered {thanks to my ingenious mother}, however, that I can VERY CLOSELY replicate the yummy taste at home and it's soooo easy!! I just buy their bread - by the loaf! The Tomato-Basil bread is my absolute favorite.  So, I bought a loaf the other night as we were leaving there.  They will even slice it however thick/thin you want. The loaf is way HUGE - much bigger than a typical grocery store loaf and mine only cost $4.59.  I'm not sure if all the different varieties are priced the same as I only buy Tomato-Basil. ;)

Two slices make a huge sandwich, and I can only usually eat half.  I do have to warn that since it is baked fresh, it will not last as long as a loaf with preservatives.  If you won't be eating it all within a few days, it may be best to freeze part of it.

So, just pile on your favorite meats and cheeses and veggies and enjoy!!
OR if you are up to trying some great Panera recipes, go HERE!
My YUMMY sandwich... all natural deli turkey, turkey bacon, cheddar cheese, spinach and spring mix lettuce, a roma tomato, and spicy ranch dressing - delicious!!! ♥ And, as a side note, I ate the WHOLE THING! 

The crust top has a yummy sweetness!!! ♥

It's huge!! Like double the size of a "normal" loaf of bread! :)

...and a pic to show how it's packaged.  Doesn't it look so freshly homemade?? YUM! 


  1. The tomato basil bread is my favorite too!(I guess you already knew that). The sandwiches do look so yummy, and they will be a quick lunch (or dinner) to enjoy during your Spring Break! Hope ya'll have a great week!

  2. I didn't know you could buy their bread in loaves! Thanks for that tip. These sandwiches look good.

  3. Good to know!! I had no idea you could buy their bread...I LOVE their sandwiches!!

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. We've almost finished our loaf! I like to eat it plain as well. :)

  5. We just ate their yesterday and I thought I need to figure how to make these at home! We love their Sierra Turkay snadwhiches... gotta find a recipe for that someone- msotly just the sauce I need to figure out. Great idea... looks delicious!


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