Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eating On the Go with Toddlers ♥

So I bought these handy little caddies at Target several weeks and have been dying to try them out! The minute I saw them in the dollar section {♥}, I knew they would be perfect for when I have to feed the kids in the car. 
We haven't been eating out very much lately, so I didn't get to try them until last night.  But I LOVED IT!!!!! Everything fit so nicely, and I could pass them their whole meal at once and then enjoy eating mine instead of breaking my arm by having to hand back a few nuggets or fries at a time to three hungry kiddos. I was a little worried that they would think it was a game and then just dump all the contents on the floor, but they all loved it as well.  And it was perfect for holding Titus's ketchup! Who needs Happy Meals??!!

Of course, I didn't think to take a picture until Titus was almost finished...obviously the fries were the first to go! just imagine Wendy's french fries in the upper left compartment -they were really cute! :)
Definitely horrible picture quality, but my kiddos are still adorable and I needed an "action" shot! :)

Yup, used them for lunch today just so I could take some "pretty" pictures! :)

I actually keep these in the car, cuz you never know... :)

I'd probably do a larger size for bigger kids {you could even fit a drink}, but these are perfect for little laps!!


  1. So cute! Great idea for eating on the GO!!

  2. These are a great idea! I need to get some!! :)

  3. Guess what I found at Target! Hooray! Got a blue and green one, and the boys are so excited to use them! :)

  4. Becca, glad you found some! I used them again just yesterday while I was running errands - just for snacks I had packed in my cooler, but it was so much easier. And Titus hadn't finished his when we got to the store, so I let him carry it around with him - worked like a charm!!


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