Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Toddler Flip Flops - Adding a Back Strap

I bought these adorable little flip flop sandals this past fall on clearance at Target for $2.48 a pair - I got a pair for each of my girlies in the size I thought they would need this spring.  Only problem was that they couldn't keep them on their feet! I don't know why they still make toddler shoes without a back strap, but it's practically a necessity!

I really wanted them to be able to wear these and didn't want to have to spend money on a different pair.  It was so easy to add the elastic strap - I did all four shoes in 10 minutes.  I happened to have 1/8" elastic from making headbands for my Etsy shop, but I think a slightly larger size might actually work better.  Still, though, it worked like a charm, and they walked around in them all evening while we were out and about.  It was a super simple fix, and I like that the straps don't take away from the cute design of the shoes - you can barely even notice the straps when the girls are wearing the shoes.

A few tips in case you want to try it:
• Make sure all thread knots, cut side of the elastic, etc.. are on the inside. In my haste, the first side I did was not as neat. :)
• My elastic is SUPER stretchy - make sure the elastic has to stretch around their tiny feet. It does no good if it just falls off. Again, the first one I did was too big and I had to cut the elastic to about 3 inches.
• When you are sewing the loop around the shoe strap, stretch it quite a bit so it will "snap" back for a close tight fit around the shoe strap. :)  Hmm..that's sounds confusing - should've taken a pic!

♥ Baby Feet!!
Best part is when they no longer need the strap, I can just cut it right off! :)

She's on a mission - in her new shoes!

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  1. Great idea! And, as always, precious pictures! :)


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