Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a wonderful, but super busy Easter!! And I didn't take a picture of the kiddos in their outfits until after lunch.  They are so obviously tired!! But that is part of the memory...ha! 

We were rushed to get out the door for singing practice in the am, but still wanted the kids to get their baskets.  After church we hung around for lunch so we wouldn't be as rushed to get back for the funeral service at 2:00. We were privileged to participate in the service of a dear lady in our church.  Then home for {almost} an hour {to change my shoes that were killing my feet!!} and back to church. 

Whew.... I'm tired all over again reliving it...which is also why I am just now posting these pictures and not taking the time to edit them or write in an interesting style.  Sometimes "DONE" is better than "PERFECT"!

Ready for naps!!!

LOVE making my kiddos' baskets - this one is Kaelyn's.  They love their new cups!

BTW, Titus does have a shirt that matches his pants...lol.  He wanted to wear his dinosaur shirt. :)

Kaelyn would rather be running around!

Titus is a cheese ball! :)

Sweet Kourtney!

Best part of the day was going to Pelican's Sno Balls with some friends after the funeral service!

....also ready for naps!!!


  1. so adorable! Titus was so proud of his "iguana" you got him :)

  2. Our day was busy too....but good! Your babies are just precious!

  3. Becca, he was VERY adamant that it was an IGUANA!! lol
    Amy, wouldn't have it any other way..................usually! :)

  4. Love their outfits! Sounds like your day was SUPER busy! Thanks for posting, I was really looking forward to seeing everyone's Easter pictures! (I started laughing the other day thinking about all those years I took our pictures in front of that huge hydrangea bush in Forest Park!)

  5. You have such a beautiful family! My husband is the youth/assistant pastor at our church, too. Looking forward to following your blog!

    1. Hi Lauren! Thanks for stopping by!! I'm now following you back! Looks like we have a lot in common, and I look forward to you future posts! :)


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