Thursday, May 17, 2012

♪♫ Happy 2nd Birthday, Kaelyn & Kourtney! ♪♫

Two little bundles of pure happiness!!

2 weeks

For as different as the girls' personalities are, they do A LOT of stuff exactly alike!! 

So Sweet in their dresses daddy bought them! ♥

1st Birthday - One year ago today!!

Getting so big.... 
I remember the ultrasound at 5 months when the technician told us we were having twins...I felt like I had won a prize!! My girlies are sooo sweet and precious, and I just love being their mommy!! 
Happy Birthday, Kaelyn & Kourtney!!


  1. I want one of those prizes!!!! Happy Birthday Girlies!!!!

  2. Awww, they are growing too fast! Happy Birthday, beautiful girlies!!

  3. SO cute to see how they've grown! Thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday!! And good job Mommy! ;)

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet babies!


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