Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Homemade Ice Pops! ♥

Just a quick post today...super busy here with spring purging/cleaning, making Etsy orders, and getting everything ready for the girlies' party on Friday! FUN!

A friend shared this awesome blog with me, and I have gotten so many ideas from it!

One thing I was inspired to do after reading some on the blog was make my own ice pops for the kids to snack on.  I bought a few different kinds just for variety:

I LOVED push pops as a kid!! 

These will be great for frozen applesauce or yogurt!!

Slushy Push Pops - Strawberry/Banana & Strawberry/Kiwi
I love knowing EXACTLY what I'm putting into my kiddos' little bodies - can't beat fresh fruit!
We've also made a banana "Ice Cream" by blending frozen bananas and adding a dash of vanilla extract and cinnamon.  I'm thinking that mixture would be divine in ANY of these molds!! YUM!

We are almost at the one month mark in our efforts to eat healthy, whole foods. We've not completely cut out all meat - we had salmon for Mother's Day and fish/salmon tacos the week before. And I've not entirely decided on the "no dairy" issue.  We've had plain yogurt mixed with fruit for smoothies...still need to research some more on that. We did decide on no cow's milk!! {Well, except for the skim milk I use in my milk frother.}

It's really been fun to discover new flavors and recipes. So much so that we haven't really noticed anything we're "missing out on!" 


  1. I've been trying to do the same with my girls. Not quite so extensive as yours, but more healthy and less processed. I have found that there little taste buds are more acceptable of adult like cooking than I imagined! I love this idea! Going to have to try it!

    1. Jennifer,
      I have been sooo surprised and quite pleased at how well my kiddos eat now! They actually eat better! But really it's been a long time in coming...over the past year, I'd say, I've been cutting things here and there. The hardest part is all the conflicting research...may sound crazy, but it's actually been a matter of prayer for wisdom to know what is best for us!
      And the best part about these ice pop molds is that I got them free with my Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks! :)


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