Monday, May 7, 2012

Junior-Senior Banquet

Tim and I had a fun time this past Friday getting dressed up for the Junior/Senior Banquet at our school. Our Christian school does a banquet every year instead of the traditional proms that public schools sponsor. We really enjoy getting to work with these kids, especially in music groups and piano lessons.  The Seniors this year are the last class that I taught in Junior High before staying home with my kiddos - kinda makes me feel a little old! :) 
My husband taught this class in 4th and 5th grade, and then again in Jr High for math and Bible.  They all STILL say he is their favorite! ♥

These girls are very special to me! Two of them are my piano students, and all three of them help me with my girlies at church when I'm running from one practice to the next! ♥

Tim and I work with this guys quartet every week before Wednesday church.
(well, I really just play the piano for them) 

♥ HIM!!
My husband is the music coordinator and choir director at our church, and I really love getting to work with him in the music ministry!  I'm glad God made him for me - we make a great team! :)


  1. It's such a blessing to see modestly dressed young people! I hope all those girls always realize how beautiful modesty is and that it pleases the Lord. It's a blessing that you enjoy working with the young people at your church!

    My husband is the pianist at our church and I'm the "backup." I'm taking a short "just had a baby" break, but I also teach piano to the kids at church. So fun to help cultivate a love for music and encouraging them to use their talents for the Lord.

    1. Thanks, Lauren! Your comment encouraged me this morning! I don't get to be as involved as I did before having kids, but I do enjoy what I get to do!
      Sounds like you and your husband make an awesome team as well...isn't God good??!! ;)

    2. We definitely have a good God. I know how it is not to be as involved... I can't do nearly as much anymore. I can't imagine what it must be like having twins!!! :) I think we just need to make sure we're even that much more faithful to be praying - that's something we can always do, even when we're home with the kids.


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