Friday, May 11, 2012

Strawberry Pickin'

We had sooo much fun picking strawberries at a local farm today!!! I'd never been before and had been wanting to go this year for sure. A friend from church offered to go with me, so we set off early this morning. I knew the girls would be old enough to enjoy it as well. And Titus LOVES strawberries these days...they are his special treat, and he sneaks them from the fridge!

Today's weather was perfect for strawberry pickin'!! Nice and cool with lots of sunshine...

Before...with clean shirts! ♥

First Taste...
"I found a big one!"

Kourtney ate the most strawberries!
She thought her basket was to carry the hulls of the strawberries she'd eaten! She was cracking me up!

I don't think I'll ever buy strawberries from the grocery stores again. These were $1.25/lb and were so sweet and delicious!


...and!  Empty baskets and full bellies!

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  1. These photos are fantastic! It looks like they had a blast :)

    1. Thanks!! It was sooo much fun!! And I'm really quite proud of myself for 1) remembering to take my camera and 2) not talking myself out of lugging it out to the field! ;)


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