Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Summer Salad with Peach Dressing

Tim came up with this salad last night while I was teaching piano lessons - it is AMAZING!!!! I'm calling it summer salad because it is absolutely refreshing!

Summer Salad
Organic Super Greens 
{Spinach, Red and Green Swiss Chard, Tat Soi, and Arugula}
Fresh Fruit
{Strawberries, Cuties Oranges (peeled and sectioned), pineapple chunks}
Dried Cranberries
Almond Slices

Peach Dressing
Frozen or Fresh Sliced Peaches
Crushed Red Pepper 
Ground Red Pepper

I had previously tried to make a syrup of sorts with the peaches and it was a FAIL! :) But, Tim ingeniously used it to make dressing for our salads. I probably would have never thought of that on my own.  So here's what we did...

Puree the peaches in enough water to produce desired consistency.  Boil for a few minutes so that it becomes "clear" rather than cloudy. Add ground red pepper to taste - it doesn't take much to produce a good "kick."  The crushed red pepper is really just for appearance, so add just enough to make it look pretty. :)
Chill before serving.

This would be especially good for those who, like my husband, do not like the vinegar in most fruit dressings.

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  1. Sounds like a dressing I could eat! Salad looks amazing!


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