Saturday, June 9, 2012

Minnie Mouse Inspired Hair Pretties ♥

My girlies are starting to show interest in cartoon characters and like to point out EVERY. SINGLE. ONE they see while we are out and about.  I really have no idea where they pick up on these things, but awhile ago while we were out they pointed out Mickey and Minnie. :) So I decided it was time to finally make these cute little headbands I pinned on Pinterest ages ago. I wish the pin went back to the original site, {it's just a photo someone pinned} so I could give the maker credit for her design - this was the first headband I saw made like this.  :)  

There are a few tutorials out there for how to make them {like this one and also here}, but it's really just three rolled rosettes and a bow. If you don't know how to make a rolled rosette, check out this tutorialor there are also lots of YouTube video tutorials. They can be a little tricky depending on what your desired final look is.  I love the vintage, frayed look, but that doesn't suit Minnie very well., so just be sure to keep your raw edges tucked under.  

For Minnie's head, I cut my strip about 2" wide and for her ears, I cut the strips about 1" wide. And obviously the longer you twist and fold your fabric, the bigger she gets. :)  I used 5/8" ribbon for Minnie's bow - and everyone knows it goes in the center of her head! Though, I must say, I don't think mine is quite big enough to be true to scale - bows don't come any bigger than Minnie's. :) So, maybe 7/8" would work better for the larger size silhouette... 

This one is my favorite!

Large Minnie on a hard headband

Small Minnie on a stretchy headband - perfect for babies!

Small Minnie on an alligator clip 

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