Monday, July 9, 2012

10 years of Wedded Bliss! ♥♥♥

On June 22nd, Tim and I celebrated 10 wonderful years of marriage!! I really can not believe it has been that long!! The plan was always to return to our honeymoon spot in PEI, Canada for our 10 year celebration, but well, I couldn't justify spending that much on plane tickets!! :)

In order to have our parents keep the kiddos for us, we decided to find a nice place in Ohio to relax and enjoy some "just the two of us" time.  So after much google searching, I came across the site for Belamere Suites and knew immediately it would be perfect!  After viewing the Royal Pool Suite, the decision was final! :)  Of course, you can view their professional videos for an idea of accommodations, but I wanted to include some photos I took of our suite.

The area was super nice with lots of great shopping! We got the anniversary package which included, among other things, lit candles right before we arrived and a gift card for Biaggi's - a new favorite!  We ate there for lunch one day and ended up with money left on our card - which led to the discovery that we have one close enough to our home to go again - yum!!

The bath area complete with 2 person jacuzzi, 2 person shower, Bath and Body Works toiletries, a stocked fridge, and a large flat screen tv across from the jacuzzi.

The Bedroom area complete with rose petals for our arrival (part of the anniversary package),  another flat screen TV,  in-wall fireplace, seating area and table, and fabulous IKEA decor.

A close-up of some details. I fell in love with the vase/flowers and flower bowl and purchased my own at our IKEA stop on the way back to reality. :)  My mom made us some yummy chocolate covered strawberries - she makes the BEST!! :)

Our AMAZING private in-suite heated pool and dry sauna!!!! So Spoiled!!!!

More views of the shower - LOVE the walk-in shower!! If we ever build a house... :)

Another favorite amenity was the breakfast.  Every morning we called to let them know when we were ready for our breakfast - love free room service!! 
We loved it and will definitely go back - if our budget allows. :)
It was so relaxing and refreshing to have some kid-free time - 4 days and 3 nights!!  I actually got to shop for myself and try on clothes - ha! 


  1. That's gorgeous! So glad you got to have some time away! Next year is our 10th anniversary, maybe I should start planning! :)

  2. Love it! Glad you had a nice time. Biaggi's is one of my favorite fact, it's where Josh and I went to eat before we left on our honeymoon. :)

    1. I had never heard of it! But it was delicious...glad we have one in Cary. We ate at the one at the outlets in Perrysburg...very nice!!

  3. What in the world?! When were you in Perrysburg? I was just there the last week of June visiting my sister. We ate at Biaggi's, was fantastic! I can't believe we were that close, and I missed you :( We also went to IKEA while we were there, and I now I really wish we had one here in Missouri.

    1. We were there the 3rd week in June...and near Cincinnati the last week (about 30 minutes from the IKEA in Winchester.) We loved IKEA!! I hadn't been since Tim and I went BEFORE we were married. And since we didn't have room to transport everything we wanted, we made the drive to our IKEA in Charlotte when we got back. lol!
      It would be a ton of fun to see you again - it's been what - 9 years?? Too long!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you guys!! :)


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