Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What to Write Wednesday... Day at the Lake

So, I'm only a week late in posting, but we had a fabulously fun day with friends at the lake for July 4th!! A sweet couple in our church is so kind to share their lake home and amenities with us from time to time.  It is always such a relaxing time!!

Recently some of our friends moved back to our area, so we were able to share our fun day with them.  Titus loves having a little buddy his age to play with! And I think the girls take turns terrorizing their younger son - ha!! 

The beach area is so fun for the kiddos! The weather that day was perfect as well - it's been extremely hot here lately, but the Lord gave us a beautiful day!!

The younger guys getting advice from the pro!!  Tim had fun trying some new tricks!

Kourtney doing what she does best - chillin' in her chair!! :)

Titus's fish - He kept it in a bucket the entire day, and it was VERY hard to convince him to let it go when we left.  Maybe a fish tank will be a good deterrent from getting a puppy... :)

 I finally drove a Sea-doo by myself!! And though you can't tell, that is ME on the yellow one - very fun!!! 

Riding the pontoon boat - the kiddos LOVED it and got to "drive."

We were also able to drive to our church's Jr. camp for an AWESOME fireworks display. It was seriously the best one they've put on! Titus was scared the ENTIRE time and both girls fell asleep - go figure! :)

We are having a crazy busy but SUPER fun summer!! We've had so many adventures and our travels are not even over!  This has definitely been our best summer ever! :) The project and tutorial posts will have to wait a few weeks... we're too busy having fun to work! Ha!


  1. Looks like you had so much fun! Did you fall off?? :) Love the picture of Kourtney in the chair!

    1. NO!! But we didn't do the tube this time! I was very proud of myself for venturing out by myself on the jet skis, though, and maybe next time I'll try a few daredevil moves...maybe... :)


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