Thursday, August 30, 2012

Murder Mystery Dinner

If you've never participated in a Murder Mystery Dinner, you are definitely missing out!!

My first experience was when I hosted one for the ladies in our adult Bible class at church.  It was set in the Prohibition era. Honestly it was actually a little hard to pull off as there were men and ladies parts - fortunately, we had some good sports who were willing to play the "rougher" parts. :) Later, a friend also planned the same party for the ladies in her class, and after, we agreed a couples' party would be fun to try!!!

You can purchase the mysteries on ebay or Amazon or this site. Many of the themes are ones I would probably steer clear of, but there are several that look like a load of fun!  Ours was a fall theme and was pretty easy to pull off as far as costumes and decorations go. The scene was a neighborhood party set in modern times with everyday people.  And unlike at the first one we did, this murder actually takes place at the party!! 

It was a night full of suspense, laughter, FOOD!!, and tons of fun! Having our husbands at the party really made it so much more enjoyable - they were all better actors than the ladies! :) And I think, the more we do, the better they will be as it does take a little bit to get into the flow of things if you've never participated in one before. Definitely looking forward to the next one!

The crew - don't let the smiles fool you! One of us is a murderer!!
The game has several rounds, each with a little more information revealed. In between, we mingled and talked and ate and formulated opinions about each person's character.
Did I mention the yummy food?  :)

I was the victim!! - struck over the head with a brass statue and found lying on the bathroom floor!!

After my "death," the final round was deciding who we thought the murderer was. I didn't even know!! Only a couple people actually guessed right!
She was so innocent throughout the's usually the one you least expect!!


  1. I love it!! This was so much fun! :)

  2. I would love to do one! Looks like a lot of fun!! Sooo glad they revived you, lol!

    1. Yeah, I was a ghost for the last round! FUN! :)

  3. So fun! Rusty hosted one of these for his CPFI group at school. I would LOVE to do this. Your theme sounds like a good one - easy on the costumes that way. Will be in touch about it.


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