Tuesday, August 7, 2012

...Still Here...

WOW! This summer has been absolutely crazy!! We've been gone traveling almost every other week, and I am sooo glad to finally be home! I may NEVER travel again! :)  We packed a TON into this summer and yet I feel as if I got nothing done.   Honestly, yesterday, I basically just vegged out practically all day.  The kids and I watched cartoons, colored, and stayed in our pj's!!! 

So just a couple highlights from our travels (because really, I'm sure no one is really that interested!) -
Last week we traveled to Pennsylvania to attend the Majesty Music MusiCollege.  I've posted about the Hamiltons before, but really they've become dear friends to our family and ministry, and it was so wonderful and encouraging to be able to see them again.

While we were there, we traveled to Amish Country to attend the Sight and Sound production of Jonah. It was AMAZING!! It was a creative portrayal of the well-known Bible story, and it really got my mind thinking about everything that could have transpired. 

MusiCollege, itself, was so motivating and inspiring. I just loved attending all the piano workshops with Shelly Hamilton and Mrs. Garlock!! They are amazing, and I try to glean everything I can - whenever I can!! I've got piano lessons starting up full swing again in a few weeks, and I feel so full of new techniques and ideas for my students.

Which also leads to the realization that my "normal" routine will be starting up again - gotta admit it's a little overwhelming!!! I get asked quite frequently how I "do it all." And I laugh EVERY time - because I don't!!! I do have a lot on my plate, but something is always slipping through the cracks!! Soooo, I've got to sit down and re-evaluate my priorities - AGAIN - to insure that my family and church ministries both remain my main focus. 

In addition to the normal responsibilities of a husband, 4 year-old, and 2 year-old twins, and managing a house, I've got church ministries (which mostly includes multiple hours of music practices a week), teaching piano lessons, (now) homeschooling a 4 year-old, trying to run my Etsy business (though, it's been "on vacation" most of the summer because it consumes entirely too much of my time!), and a never-ending to-do list of projects and plans!!   IF you are still reading, I'm sure you can relate!! 

Truthfully, our society is way too busy!! I've decided, in my opinion, there is too much pressure to "do it all!"  Well, each of us only have 24 hours in a day, and while some are better at multi-tasking and delegating to increase their productivity, we all have to make sure that we are focusing on and accomplishing what really matters!!  AND not delegating responsibilities that God intends for us to do - like rearing our children. Gotta keep the priorities in check: my relationship with God comes first or everything else will surely fall apart, then comes my husband and children and then church ministries.  And honestly, after that, at this stage in my life, I don't have time for much else....

I could go on and on... as this is consuming my thoughts these days. :) But that was a very LONG way to say...
I'm still here!! But you might not be hearing from me as often.
{...at least not until I get these girlies potty-trained! Then I'm sure I'll have tons to write about!!! To date, this has been the most daunting task of having twins!}

And now a picture to brighten your day!! Love this crazy girl! She keeps me laughing, for sure!!!


  1. Karla, I got tired just reading that! Lol! I would’ve loved to see Jonah though! Glad you guys had a great time 

    1. Jonah was amazing! And I found it especially interesting since we are studying that series in Sunday School - they brought out some very interesting points! :)
      Looking forward to catching up with you - missed you Sunday!

  2. I had heard really great things about it. And that was perfect timing with the Sunday School lessons! I've missed you...we definitely have a lot catching up!! ;)

  3. So glad you are back home - we've missed seeing y'all so much! CJ and Derek have been asking for Titus, Kaelyn and Kourtney - I loved my snuggles during Junior Church Sunday morning - and they both let me tickle this time! ;)

    You are so right about priorities - I've got to get mine in order as well. It's definitely hard to get things done in this pressurized society!


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