Monday, October 1, 2012

I ♥ Fall Decor!!

The weekend here was fairly productive...due largely to my favorite Pandora Christmas stations! :)
I was able to get my house somewhat recovered from 1st trimester lethargy and put out some fall decor. I did realize, though, my tastes have changed somewhat and I want to "makeover" some of my fall decorations...time permitting, of course!

I finally finished my fall deco-mesh wreath. If you ever plan to make one, I highly recommend something similar to these wreath forms!
 The fireplace

My candy corn pot - this gets re-filled MANY times!!
And a new favorite - Caramel Apple Milky Ways!

Highly contemplating painting these candle holders.

These pumpkins got painted last year - I love the bright pop of white!

I hope to get a few more DIY projects done for fall...need to find time to sew a cute table runner. Check out my Pinterest board for some great ideas and recipes! :)


  1. Everything looks great!! Love your candy corn dish! Hope I can find mine! At the rate I am going, I probably should just get started on Christmas decorations or I may not get them finished.

  2. You did a great job with the embellishments. I struggled with where to put them on mine. Jeffrey is very confused why we are looking at your family on the internet. "Are they coming over?"

    1. I had to take the flower one off and try was hard to know without you here holding it up for me!:) And I was too lazy to find a place to hang it while deciding the top and bottom, etc... My new philosophy is "Done is better than perfect!" - I'm making progress with my perfectionist recovery program! :)

  3. I love the wreath!! I'm hating not being able to decorate for Fall yet! Although I told Josh even if its the week before thanksgiving when we can get in the house, I will still decorate! Lol! But I love your decorations, it looks SO nice! :)

    1. And how fun to decorate a clean slate!! :) So happy for you guys to get in your house! Tim and I want to come by soon, so let me know if you need any help - you know like shopping for new curtains, decorations, etc... ;)


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