Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Year {Simplified}

I'm so very excited about 2013!! I've spent the last couple of weeks working feverishly in my house to get organized: closets, cupboards, drawers... you name it!! My theme for this year is "Simplify for Success" or, in one word - SIMPLIFIED.

I've thought a lot about what I want to accomplish this year - my resolutions - and I've come to the conclusion that this will be my year to ELIMINATE things rather than adding to my already crazy, busy life. I will be eliminating clutter, unnecessary obligations, time-wasters,  etc...  I really haven't included many "to do's" on my list of goals - no books to read, places to go, projects to finish.  Though, I do think I'll discover at the end of this year that I've accomplished more than ever by choosing to live simply or simply LIVE - to ENJOY LIFE!! :)

Now, I do have aspirations...
...once baby #4 comes in March, it will be time to focus on my weight/diet/fitness etc... 
...I want to stay more organized with my household binder, scheduling, and general organization...
...I want to grow in my relationship with Christ...
...I need to finish potty-training my twin girlies!!...

So, in order to accomplish these NECESSARY goals, I will choose a focus for each month - sometimes two or three.  I've also divided my long-term yearly goals into focus areas: Spiritual, Physical, Family, Home, and Business.

I've spent HOURS working on my organizational binder to make sure it perfectly suits my needs.  I found some great printables online and created the others myself, but it is nearly finished!! :)  Those details will be saved for a future post, however.  

As promised, here is an updated design of my goals printable for this year. 
This first one is my printable for the year - divided into five sections... one for each focus area.
 The purpose of my monthly goal sheet is to help me focus on just a few areas at a time - asking myself these questions:
What is the simple version of my goal??
**no need to complicate things more than necessary or try to do too much at once**
What steps will I take to success??
**a plan must be in place in order to see a change**
When will I focus on this area??
**at night after the kids are in bed? during naptime? Weekends only?**

These will only be goals that can be accomplished in 30 days - which is all it takes to establish a routine. :)

I must confess that this blog will not really be a focus area this year. I do enjoy journaling my life and looking back over the past years, but I may be posting less this year.   Although, that almost seems impossible  -  I'm not a regular, scheduled blogger as it is. HA!!

But we shall see...who knows??   

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