Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY Handmade Class Valentines ♥ {FREE PRINTABLE}

My little kiddos have been asking for days now if it is Valentine's Day yet.  I put up a few decorations (including a DIY Valentine tree that I will post soon) several weeks ago and they have been excited since.  We are all looking forward to our traditional pizza/pj/movie party on Thursday!

Although my little ones are not yet in school, they are having Valentine parties in their church classes tomorrow night, so we had fun making some handmade treats for all their little friends.

My girls will be giving their classmates these goldfish valentines.  This idea is not a new one, but I did make my own version just for fun. :)  Well, not really JUST for fun, though I do enjoy digital crafting... it is more economical for me to print these tags out as photos at my local Costco. And I needed them custom sized to fit the 4x6 bags I bought.
 These are super easy!! So if you want to try making them, here's exactly what I did, along with the free printable. :)

• 4x6 cellophane bags 
{I bought a package of 100 at Michael's}
• Goldfish crackers
• Free Printable 
{each print makes two}
• stapler & paper trimmer
• measuring cup


• To customize your bag toppers, you can either just use a Sharpie fine-tip marker to sign your child's name or you can upload the file to PICMONKEY {or any other photo editing software} and add their name as text.

• Download and print off the desired number of tags.  I used Costco's one hour service.  For these tags, be sure sure to choose the option "DO NOT AUTO CORRECT MY PHOTOS" and print them as "lustre" prints.  

• Cut each print in half to make two bag toppers; fold each half in half. :)

• Measure the same amount of goldfish into each bag. I filled mine with a little less than 3/4 cup.  
Center and position the bag topper and staple in place.

DONE! :)


My son will be giving his friends these love bug valentines. Again, this idea is not original with me {I first saw the idea HERE @ Dandee}, but, once again, I customized it to fit my needs. I needed them custom sized for my 4x6 bags, and I wanted a little more explanation in the text... and it was fun for me! :)

The boys will get a creepy critter, but I made super cute ladybug hair clips for the girls.
The hardest part of making these valentines was sitting with my 4-year-old while he wrote his name {with no lines to guide him} 25 times. ;)

• 4x6 cellophane bags 
{same package of 100 from Michael's}
• "love bugs"  
{I bought mine in the Target party favor section 12/$3.  The dollar store has them even cheaper, but these are larger and better quality, IMO.}
• cardstock for printable
• red marker or crayon
• additional cardstock for bag toppers
{I cut mine 4x2.5 and folded in half}
• coordinating washi tape
{I found mine in the Target scrapbook section.}
• stapler & scissors

• Print the attached download {each sheet makes four} and cut out the jars.

• Color the heart and personalize with child's name.
{I do not use a color printer, so I made this design to be colored.  Plus, I thought it was a great way to let younger children be more involved with making them.}

• Insert jar into 4x6 bag with bug of your child's choosing. 
{My son loved picking out the bugs for each jar. :)}

• Tear washi tape to fit bag topper and stick it on. 

•Center and position the bag topper and staple in place.

Super easy, huh?? 
But, I think they turned out adorable and were fun to make!
CREDIT: Blank Mason Jar found HERE @ Sweetly Scrapped.

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  1. These are both so adorable! And great for either gender. I am downloading the goldfish one and hoping to get it put together in time. Way to be a last minute mom, Kayte! ;) Thanks for sharing- great job designing them!

  2. Love these! Looks like you all had a lot of fun and made some great memories getting ready for Valentine's Day! That is sooo sweet they remembered all their teachers at church!


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