Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Family Valentine's Party {2013} ♥

I had so much fun putting together our family party this year!! I ended up only having to buy the perishable ingredients for our food and paper plates -  the rest was just leftovers from other parties. 

Because our party was delayed by 6+ hours, Titus had lots of time to anticipate the fun.  He kept telling me things like "This is so beautiful," "This is the best party I ever saw," and "I'm so proud of you!"  - he was cracking me up! I always want my kiddos to know that I do what I do for THEM! I think the details do matter to them - he could tell it was a special party just for us. :)

So without too much explanation, here are a few pictures of our Valentine's Day celebration:
Dessert and Presents Table

Brownie Pops

Marshmallow Pops - these things are JUMBO - like...SUPER HUGE!! :)
Titus had fun helping with these!

Chocolate Iced Heart Brownies


Girls' Plates

Titus's Plate - He was so excited about his larger version of the bug valentine!

Food Table

Heart Fruit
Strawberry/Banana Smoothies

Popcorn Chicken - I tossed ours in Sweet Baby Ray's Buffalo Sauce, and it was YUMMY!!!

Homemade Valentine Pizza

She was too engrossed in her bubbles to smile for me...

The girls LOVE their new Care Bears!!! Titus got some new super hero stuff, and they all got new pj's.  But since it was SUPER late, we will be watching our movie and eating our popcorn & snack necklaces TONIGHT! 


  1. Just so lovely Karla! Great memories especially at 12:30am! Love Mrs. Bedford

  2. Great job, Babe! I love you, and am so proud to be married to you. Your blog is a constant encouragement to me.

    Love, Tim

  3. Such a cute idea to make Valentine's Day special for the whole family!! I love it and can't wait to do this!


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