Monday, February 25, 2013

What's in A {Baby} Name??

Countdown to due date is 2 WEEKS and 4 DAYS!!  If I don't go into labor by the 19th, I will have a C-section, so no more than 3 WEEKS and 1 DAY left of this pregnancy. 

...and still NO NAME for our little guy! 

We've narrowed it down to two names - but lest you think that's an accomplishment, here's the scoop:

My future family planning since college always included 2 boys and 2 girls...check...
Tim and I both discussed (as many couples do) how awesome it would be to have twins...check...
Any girl names would start with K - my favorite letter - resulting in our choosing Kaelyn and Kourtney. :)
Boy names would be Titus James and Silas David. 
End of story?? 

Negative... slight dilemma...

Our name (Silas) has been used  - twice...
First by a family member...they are Tim's cousins and  missionaries in Spain so not a huge deal, but still... :) 
Secondly, by a family in our church... recently (within the last 1.5 years). And their last name starts with C as well, so the boys would even have the same initials.  

Sooooo, here are our name choices and some thoughts:

Silas David
forest, woods (think
Biblical significance: 
Silas was a missionary companion of Paul and Timothy. I love the story of Paul and Silas singing in their jail cell at midnight.
It's been taken!!!
But I've had it picked out since college!
It sounds good with Titus....Titus and Silas.
My Titus already calls the baby Silas.
Should I really base the decision of what to name my child on current location and people.  God's been known to move people when they least expect it...and the likelihood of the "two Silases" living near each other after age 18?? And they won't be in the same class at school...
If I don't name him Silas, will I continue to and always THINK of him as Silas??

Thaddeus David
(alt. Thaddaeus)
friend, courageous heart, God's gift
We'd probably call him "Thad."
Biblical significance:
Thaddeus was an apostle of Jesus - also known as Jude. He was a missionary as well. 
I have a love/hate relationship with this name - some days I love it and some days it looks weird on paper.  Pregnancy hormones and emotions, maybe?
It would be his name uniquely.
(and an uncommon and not over-used name is of utmost importance)
I actually like the meaning better.
Naming our son Thaddeus would mean all girl names in our family start with "K" and all boy names start with "T." And, yes, people have noticed and assume we will be picking a "T" name. It happened completely unintentionally, though! And would our Christmas cards look funny if we went with a "non-T" name...Silas = odd man/letter out?? :)
Having a Bible name is also important, and since we have a large family with lots of nieces and nephews, most of them have already been used...Eli, Levi, Noah, Caleb, Andrew, Matthew, Titus, Gideon, Silas, Timothy, Gabriel...all taken. 

I've thought about and analyzed this entirely too much!!!
Please help!!
Leave a comment - because the more opinions the better, right?? 
 and vote in the poll in the sidebar. :)

(If you are visiting from my facebook link, please leave any and all comments here rather than on my FB page.)

Oh and an FYI - Middle name is set...David after Tim's dad. :)

And here's a pretty picture because all blog posts need a picture...
The pack n play is set up in our room and ready! 
 It has survived three kiddos and still looks great! :)

Shanna @ Red Poppy Quilts made our little guy this gorgeous quilt. It adds the perfect finishing touch - I love the colors!


  1. i like Silas David

  2. I at first thought, Silas! But then I read about Thaddeus and the T's and K's and after much thought (okay, 2 minutes) I would go with Thaddeus. Call him Tad. <3 Awwww. Keep with the T's and K's. But, that is just my opinion and I don't really matter anyway. ;)

  3. Sounds to me like you really like Silas... ;) I've never been one to really "care" if other people have kids the same name as mine. If I like it, I name my kids that, regardless of who else has it. Go with your gut! :)

  4. I'm having difficulty getting this to comment so if you get 3 comments from me, then count them all for a vote! lol! Anyway, I'm sure you already know my vote, but it's Silas David. You've loved that name for such a LONG time!! And you always think of your little boy with that name!

  5. I like Silas David as well & I think the anonymous comment above was Dad's! As far as the "T" goes, I am having trouble with the "TH" sound(it's a phonics thing I guess) so in other words, not really a T sound?? Anyway, you got my vote!

  6. I do like the Silas David. Silas was such a great "second man" in the Bible stepping aside to give Paul the forefront. Such an amazing story of Paul and him. It may be your only opportunity to use the name you have loved for so long. I have called him Silas at times as well, but trying not to get set in it in case that isn't his name :) We will love him no matter WHAT his name is!!!

  7. Cute names! I love Silas, and honestly. I would name my baby exactly what I wanted and had planned. I know many people with the same name but I think of them as entirely different people. Also, people that you know in your life right now may stay or go, but the only sure thing sticking around forever is your family. I vote Silas David!
    ~Sabrina B.

  8. I vote silas david! Many people have used our boy name and I've decided, idc, I like it too well to give it up. Most people say as soon as you look at their little faces a name will just fit!
    Ashley C.

  9. Honestly I've liked Silas since I first heard you mention it years ago! But I love the idea of's different and it's a 'T' name!!:) Good luck:) Can't wait to meet the little guy!
    Keri G.

  10. I vote for SILAS DAVID! I might be partial to it (of course), but it sounds so sweet with DAVID. And I think if Titus already calls his baby brother Si, then you should go for it! Love that you're naming him after Tim's Dad!
    Grace H.

  11. I LOVE Thaddeus!! Thad is so cute and hip! Like the meaning better also!! And it would go with the fam better! But both of them are super cute. I'm didn't like to name my kids something that someone else had either!! Hope you choose soon! Maybe when you hold him for the 1st time you will just know for sure!
    Jill M.

  12. Silas David. I agree with Sarah . Go with what you love. As you said, Titus already calls him Silas.
    Rhonda M.

  13. Name him Silas with a silent "T" TSilas. Lol just kidding! I know what your going through. I'm sure whichever u decide will be perfect for your sweet baby!
    Kelli W.

  14. I think you should name him Silas; it's what you always wanted!
    Becca R.

  15. I know I'm a little late, but I vote for Silas. It seems like that's the name you really want-I would trust your heart!


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