Friday, May 10, 2013

Introducing the Keurig Vue V500!! ♥ and a 40% offer!

I was so thrilled to be selected to host a House Party for Keurig!!!
I was sent a Vue V500 brewer to review and introduce to friends at our party.  My party pack was amazing and filled with lots of goodies: A BREWER!!, hot and cold cups, napkins, Vue packs, mints, 2 ceramic mugs, coupons, and a tin of Mrs. Field's assorted cookies. 

We obviously HAD to try the brewer beforehand in order to be able to show it off properly to our guests. ;)  Our favorite features are the option to brew a larger, stronger cup and the 2 step lattes.

My Party Pack

The brewing station

Cookies taste better off of this serving plate! ♥

Cheesecake + Coffee = Pure Bliss

The awesome variety of Vue Packs in my party pack!

Handy tin that originally housed the cookies.

Brewing a 2-step latte - My Favorite! This variety uses 2 pack -  a froth pack and a coffee pack.
 We had a great time at the party, and are still enjoying our brewer on a daily basis!! 
We've been fans of Keurig for awhile now - we own the platinum brewer and the milk frother - BUT the features of the Vue are by far our favorite!

Vue V500

The k-cups and packs are designed differently and are not compatible/interchangeable between brewer models.

The Vue packs feature an actual filter inside, which, IMO contributes to the option for a stronger brew.  Brewing a stronger cup of coffee takes a few seconds longer, allowing the coffee to steep a little longer before dispensing.  When I brew a strong, 16 oz cup of coffee, I am SOOO getting my money's worth! Ha! It tastes amazing and lasts longer! :)
K-cup VS. Vue Pack
 And finally a close-up of the touch many options! 
In love with all the extra options!!!

This coupon is good for 40% off the V500 brewer at, making it only around $100.  BUT it expires TOMORROW - 5.11.13!!
Please note the code contains the number zero NOT the letter"O." 

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